Tutoring With Sharon

Tutoring With Sharon

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have many hints that make it easier to remember formulas and understand and work with difficult concepts. I also wrote test questions for standardized tests and can easily identify reasons for errors made to help students better identify the correct answer. I include many HANDS ON activities.

I enjoy helping others be successfull. I enjoy puzzles and look at math as puzzles. Both require building blocks but you need to determine which to use and where. I have seen many smiles on the faces of students who were struggling before working with me.


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Offers online services

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Discuss student's learning style, discuss class size and what he/she perceives as the difficulty (class. size, concept, teacher attitude, etc.). Relate concepts to "real word" situations (car payments, shopping discounts, and more) that answers the question "when will I ever use this".

Lots of hands on activities and visual organizers. Colored note taking strategy

Retired Palm Beach County HS Math teacher. Taught Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry. Certified in Gifted also.

Trained in writing questions for standardized tests.

Presentations to other teachers

References available. Enjoy helping students learn and feel confident.

Price depends upon frequency.
I've always enjoyed math because it is like a puzzle to me, and I could do it watching TV. I was on the Math Team in High School and decided then to be a math teacher.
I've worked with students that have learning disabilities, students who are gifted and students through the hospital/ homebound division of the school district.
The most recent and most important event is the adoption of my dog with the aid of my former students that I am still in contact with. I reached out to them through Facebook because I know how much they love their dogs and 1 of them is a training to be a vet. Every time I tried to get to a rescue to adopt a dog during the first year of COVID, someone had beaten me to it.
Be able to describe what works and doesn't work. Describe what teaching style and personalities are easiest to work with.
What type of activities do you use? Can you help me understand the way "my teacher does it"? Can I reach you by email or text if I have a short question between sessions?

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