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Offers online services


Hello, my name is Josh Greenberg.

My tutoring style is centered on meeting students at their current level, and relating new material to what they already know. I build confidence, math intuition, and speed at solving problems with my students.

For the past six years, I have maintained a steady clientele of students in all areas of math, including Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. I tutor upper level college math courses, as well as physics at both the high school and college level. I also work with clients on SAT and ACT Prep.

Here is my relevant experience:

Professional tutor: 6 years

Tutor at Academic Success Center of MxCC: 3 years

Volunteer SAT Tutor: 2 years

BA in Mathematics from UConn


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6 years in business
Serves Stamford , CT
Offers online services

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    Josh is helping me with my college algebra class (MAC1105) he is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in algebra. Goes over problems and explains well how to complete the problem but also understand it as well as giving you opportunity to complete the problems and ask questions while going over them. Highly recommend.
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    November 15, 2022

    Liz S.

    My son started off his 1st Quarter of AP Calculus with a D. He was struggling with his tests and quizzes. He closed out the 1st Quarter with a solid B. He’s going into the 2nd grading period with an A! Josh is an exceptional, knowledgeable and patient tutor. His proficiency in Calculus, and his understanding of my son’s skill level allows him to meet him where he’s at. We have gone ahead and scheduled Josh once a week now. We certainly recommend Josh as a Calculus tutor.
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    November 13, 2022

    Jimita J.

    My son was able to understand concepts in Calculus 2 that were not explained in class. Josh took his time and simplified solving the problems. Thanks again!
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    November 11, 2022

    Jackson A.

    Josh is very helpful because he can can you learn specific assignments you have or concepts in math. Josh is a really nice guy and is never negative. If you are struggling in math Josh is the tutor for you.
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    November 10, 2022

    Stephen P.

    I have always been a below average math student, but since I have been tutored by Josh I have begun to understand math in ways I never had before. Josh explains complex concepts in a way that allows his students to grasp the INTENT of the concepts. It is this intent that allows the language of math to be better understood than with other tutors. Josh simplifies and streamlines concepts in a way that allows his students to succeed in complex math without getting bogged down in minutiae. However, at any point if a student is curious about the intricacies, Josh has the answer. I have never been happier with purchase and will always use Josh if he is available.
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    November 07, 2022


    Josh is able to easily help my son with a difficult college algebra class. He is prepared and knowledgeable, friendly and is able to get where my son is at. Each lesson builds on the previous one and my son is starting to gain confidence.
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    October 21, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    The first thing I do is get to know the student. Good communication is essential to improve understanding, and that only starts with a good introduction. Then, I establish background knowledge, what specifically the student is struggling with, and why he or she is struggling. I then work to clarify topics and concepts and improve mathematical understanding.

    I have several clients who have hired me and seen excellent improvements in their grades and understanding. 

    Currently, I work at Epic Systems, in their Technical Services Department, in Madison, WI.

    I hold a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics from UConn. I worked hard to maintain a GPA of above 3.9 throughout my college career. I enjoy learning new material the most when I think about how I would teach it to someone else. I have been able to put this mantra into action by helping many students with whom I shared classes. I am especially proud of these moments, because it means I had to master the material for the class well enough to teach it to someone else within the same time frame that I had to just learn it. 

    Before attending UConn, I was a student at Middlesex Community College. I worked in the school's tutoring center. There, I tutored everything from prealgebra to multivariable calculus, and I work with students of all age ranges. I would routinely get students asking for me specifically, and would not  work with any of the other tutors available. 

    My students are guaranteed to have their grades raised by AT LEAST one letter after working with me.

    My standard rate is 40$ per hour. I'm proud of my work and my result, and I'm extremely dedicated to my students, always willing to go above and beyond because I believe in helping them understand mathematics above all. 

    Along with my tutoring, I also keep detailed records of my lessons to track student's progress over time. Working at Epic Systems, in the Medical records industry, has taught me the value of good documentation, and I apply that wisdom to my lessons. My lessons aren't just about helping with homework. I improve my students' understanding of mathematics as a whole. 

    I began my teaching career by volunteering at my college's tutoring center. I fell in love with tutoring instantly. I started spending all of my free time there, working with students, and improving grades and understanding. 

    That love of teaching never diminished over the years, and it is something I will always continue to do. 

    I work with middle school, high school, and college students. Having worked in the tutoring center of a community college, I gained experience working with people as young as 18 and as old as 55. 

    I can teach any math subject. I have the most experience with algebra, precalculus, calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. These are by far my favorite subjects to teach. 

    While working at my college's tutoring center in Spring semester of 2018, I had two students come in every day for help with MATH 095, which is equivalent to prealgebra. They were clearly struggling and worried that they would never pass that class. Through my teaching methods, they both aced their final exams and the class. It was really incredible to see their improvements over the course of the semester. When they started, neither of them could multiply 6x7 in without a calculator. By the end of the semester, they didn't even need a calculator anymore. I was so proud of them. 

    Most of the time, when a student is struggling in math, it's because he/she is having a hard time understanding the teachers or the textbooks. When selecting a tutor, make sure that he can explain and demonstrate ideas in multiple different ways. Also, make sure that the tutor doesn't JUST to go through problems like a computer. Make sure he/she explains the problems and concepts to you on a deeper level than you would normally expect.

    When paying for a tutor, you should not only expect him to go through problems with you, but to also give you a much more thorough understanding of mathematics.

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