Understanding Economics & Mathematics

Understanding Economics & Mathematics

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Offers online services


I was a new student of economics not so long ago myself. After receiving my international baccalaureate diploma with my “art” being economics, I knew it was the field for me. I entered college taking at least two economics courses a semester with the coursework coming easily. Math has accompanied me in my academic journey as well. Along the way I began earning extra money by tutoring students who could not grasp the material in both economics and math. During this time I learned I had a knack for explaining complicated material in a simple way. My students grades jumped from D’s to A’s. The gratification of helping students learn has developed into me taking tutoring a step further, making it a business. I would love to help you or your children learn the subjects of math and/or economics, just as I have helped many before!

I most enjoy helping students discover a confidence in material they did not previously understand. I personally believe every student can improve in each subject, so when we find the method that works best and a student is able to achieve, I am reminded of why I tutor.


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Nicholas M.

Lauren is very knowledgeable and helped me develop a better understanding of Finite Analysis. If I am struggling with any classes in the future, I will definitely hire her again!
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April 28, 2019
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Patrick C.

Much better understanding after being tutored!
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April 04, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

My standard pricing is $50/hr. in person. I prefer to tutor at a public library for in-person sessions.

Online, my pricing is normally $50/hr. but I am willing to tutor at $25/hr. for students who are below college level.

All test prep, GED, SAT, college exams, are $50/hr. online or in person. 

I have been tutoring seriously since my freshman year of college, collecting most of my yearly income from this profession. 

I also have been exposed to many different age groups due to the daycare my grandmother owned while I was growing up, so I began to understand how to teach both younger and older students, adapting the method of engagement I use to get the child to understand the material (legos, popsicle sticks, dolls, and goldfish can all come in very handy for explaining arithmetic to a younger audience). 

Finally, I am in my final year of majoring in economics at the University of Connecticut with a 4.0 gpa. I have taken many mathematics courses as well which have all resulted in an “A” grade. My overall GPA is a 3.9. I am in both Tau Sigma and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, currently deciding between business school and law school. 

I prefer to price on a sliding scale. It is my personal philosophy that all students deserve quality education. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to a private school for high school but that is not everyone’s reality. By no means would I ever want to discriminate or withhold services. That being said, I trust the parent/recipient of my services to be honest about what they can afford. Money for services is not a long discussion, debate, or negotiation with me though. I am more concerned with educating my students! 

I began tutoring when I realized there was a high demand for assistance in understanding economics and mathematics. I realized what came naturally to me is not the case for many students but that the method of teaching is essential in helping students understand the material they currently cannot. 

I have worked with college-aged students, high school-aged students, elementary-aged students, and a few middle school-aged students. I have no limits on the age of the student I work with as I am confident in teaching all ranges of material! 

I would ask that students look for someone who will not do the work for them but rather guide them into learning how to do it on their own! My philosophy is that I am your training wheels in learning, and the goal is that eventually the training wheels have to come off. Do not look for someone who only makes you repeat practicing the material without guidance, look for someone who wants to help you learn on your own so that you can become confident in your abilities. 

1. Have I tried studying the material for at least 30 minutes outside of designated homework time? 

2. Have I turned off all distractions while attempting to learn the material? (Cell phone off, television off, moved to a quiet room in the house).

However, I would like to add that in mathematics and economics, the current strategies used to teach these disciplines are far from one-size fits all. So please parents, do not immediately blame your students. I would like to add that while my brother and I can do higher level math in our heads or evaluate economic problems quickly, my sister has a learning disability in math. Growing up and seeing all of the different strategies she needed to employ to learn the subject taught me that the worst thing you can do is be harsh on your child if they are trying. You have come to the right place in looking for a tutor. 

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