Low fee and excellent service. May tutor online. Save money and transportation time.

There is this scenario that happened to me, one time I had 12 points on my Calculus test. Awful! I improved my tactics and passed the course with a C- average. I’ve been there and know the struggle. Plus, not having the right person to guide me makes it worst.

Well, here I am to guide you. You need someone to break things down for you and keep things simple. And, you need someone to have the patience and knowledge to help you out. If I don't have the answer then we will find it together.

My Qualifications: Friendly, detail oriented, more than 10 years as an educator, and respectful. I speak and write Spanish and English. I will guide you to the resources needed for sucess.

I best fit with the student who is willing to learn new skills, who want to put the amount of time and effort to get the result they want.

The session includes a check in conversation and about 40 minutes tutoring. We will review goals, journals, agenda, and additional skills needed to improve the student progress. I tutor most subjects, I have a general knowledge of them. However, general math and psychology is my main focus.

Reach out to me today! Don’t delay any longer.

I look forward to guide you to the result you are looking for, together.

860 393-0550 or [email protected]


Jardy Casales

I enjoy educating students. The aha moment is great. The student building confidence on themselves and what they are learning is rewarding.

I have been working with children of all ages for more than 10 years in the Hartford public school system.

I have a psychology major. I did math up to Calculus II. And, I am bilingual, Spanish and English.

It is a pleasure to work with you. Can't wait to see that smile of sense of accomplishment and build your self confidence.

Hear from you soon!


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Frequently asked questions

Recap on previous week experience. Go over  improvements and well being. Then, work on assignments. Conclude with goals.

I am looking to help students who are serious about their education. I had 12 points in my exams before and turned it to a c-. And passed the course. I have been there. 

Time is very sensitive. The longer you decide the more behind you get. You want to be on top of your learning? Then, I am ready to work with you.

Background: More than 10 years in the public school system as a para-educator at different grades. I worked with different types of personality. Also, I have a Psychological Science major.

The pricing depends on the student and their needs. My main focus is quality vs quantity. Think about it, 2 to 3 lessons vs one informative complete lesson plus its bonuses to prepare you for the rest of the week is a big deal. 

Also, time of dedication to the student, the patience and structure is very important. These factors makes a difference in the student’s success.

I always like learning. I helped at the tutor center when I was at college. I am a service type of individual. I love helping people learn. Student’s “ah ha!” moments is my reward. 

Young to high school students. Some college student. 

I had a discussion about a history event with a student. We were able to break down the event to a point where the student was able to get the gist of the lesson by being asked the proper questions without being given the answer. In addition, the student was able to think further than the basic reasoning and that made my day.

It’s good to find the best tutor but if you are not willing to put your part, you may improve but it is up to you how much advantage you want to take of the resources offered to you.

It is easy for someone to give you the answer but if you can reason and learn how to get the results, it is best because you can build on that. 

What are the areas they need most improvent  on? Ask the teachers how to get from point A to point B.

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