Advanced Math Tutoring

Advanced Math Tutoring

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B.S. in electrical engineering. Statisician for a living. I tutor Calc 1-2-3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability, Statistics, and Linear Programming (as well as all lower levels of math).


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Cassandra B.

Bill is super flexible and helpful. He is willing to help outside of tutoring sessions for my son. So happy we found him!
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March 12, 2020
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Find out where they lack, and work towards getting them to understand that area.  Math is one of the few subjects that builds on prior knowledge so if a student is struggling today that means it will only get worse going forward if they don't learn the material now.

Nearly 20 years of tutoring.  B.S. in Electrical Engineering (CU Denver, 3.3 GPA).  Statisician for a living.

$20 per hour

I just enjoy math.

My best tutoring is in the calculus levels.  I prefer engineering majors.

Don't wait until the day before the exam to find a tutor.  If you are already failing a college math class, it is not a good idea to seek a tutor, best to drop it and start over next semester and get a tutor early on.  You need to UNDERSTAND math, not just pass a class.  If you just squeek by in your current class, it will only get worse in future classes.  Best to know up-front that you need help, than to wait until there really is no hope.

What is your goal in life?  If you want to be in any science related professions, you must truly understand math.  If you want to be in accounting or finance, you also must truly understand math.  If you want to be in sales, you must understand medium level math.  There are few jobs out there that pay decent salaries which do not require math.

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