Windmiller+ Math Tutoring

Windmiller+ Math Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


+ I love math and am a talented communicator. I can gauge how much a student needs to learn and how within minutes of our interaction, and guide them to the solution.

+ I am creative and engaging in my teaching style. A dash of humor, too.

+ I have tutored consistently for 5+ years both at university and online

+ I am a former Applied Math college student, minoring in Statistics and Computer Science.

+ Trigonometry, Calculus I/II/III/IV, Differential Calculus, Data Analysis, Statistics, Algebra, Discrete/Real Analysis, Statistical Models you name it, I've probably taught it.

+ I can code. Need help in R or MatLab? I'm your guy.

+ Won my high school's Math Student of the Year award



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8 years in business
Serves Yorba Linda , CA
Offers online services


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Zurai H.

I would not have passed college algebra without him. I was already staying an extra semester to take the class, and had he not come in, I dont think I would have even graduated.
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March 27, 2020

Frequently asked questions

Get to know them first, discern how well they understand their subject matter, how inquisitive they are, and move on from there, teaching them how to grasp the subject matter and guiding them to their discovery of the answer. That's the most important part--they have to find it themselves. The aha moment.

I tutored in high school as a side hustle to make money and to help friends. When I got to college, I tutored all 4 years, every week, for about 5 hours. So that's about

(52wk)*(4yrs)*(2/3 of year)*(5hrs) = ~700 hours tutoring

I am a senior Applied Math student with a strong background in Calculus, Statistics, and Programming. I am also familiar with proofs classes like Discrete.

1 hour session - $25

2 hour session - $40

+ 1st hour is $25, each additional hour is $15

First session is discounted to $20 (!!)

And further discounted to $15 if we schedule a second tutoring session

I have tutored people in math my whole life, even in 8th grade. By the time I got to college, I realized I could monetize it. And that's how I got here.

All kinds. From the student struggling to pass their college Algebra class to the disgruntled Discrete Math student trying to write their next proof to the perplexed Differential Calculus student trying to solve their next big equation.

Tutoring not only connects me with students, but with family. So when my sister needed help, I provided.

She was taking an engineering class with complex mathematics and MatLab coding that she thought I wouldn't be able to help her with. She had been racking her brain for 3 hours trying to understand what was happening. I came alongside and helped her finish it within the hour. I'm always there for her :)

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