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Offers online services
Offers online services


My goal is always trying to let the students understand the concept as soon as possible, which means paying as fewer lessons as possible. I jump into the main topics and strategies for analyzing problems, teach lessons that make students independent thinkers and become able to solve any questions with a strong concept.

I'm a sophomore at UC Berkeley, which makes it easier for me to communicate with teenagers because of my age. Furthermore, since I have just applied for universities and taken standardized tests, I have a lot more tips and fresh memories and experience to share in terms of college applications. I have scored a Perfect Math Score every time I took SAT, and 5 on AP Cal BC when I was a sophomore in high school. So please feel free to contact me, I am here to help.

I have been trying to contribute to the surroundings by all means, but I have found that nothing contributes more than knowledge and experience. That's why I have often taught my peers in the class, my friends who have taken the same classes as me, and high school students who are applying for colleges. I love hearing "A-Ha!" moments from students because that makes me feel happy that my life means something. I have established several mentorship programs in high school and in churches to help students and immigrants better understand English and Maths in order to show that not understanding a subject means nothing but a process. It takes time and effort, and there's nothing to be ashamed of to not know something. It indeed does not reflect a person's intelligence. I will help you speed up the process, so you can have more time focusing on what you love rather than the math quiz that's on next Monday.


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    Anna K.

    Vince is my sons math tutor and he is just incredible! He is very professional, dependable, knowledgeable, patient and caring. He really knows his stuff and is excellent in math. He speaks and tutors my son in a respectful way and is very detailed with his explaination. He breaks everything down and shows my son step-by-step how to work a problem. He doesnt talk down to my son nor is he arrogant in his speech or demeanor. He is patient and has no problems explaining things over until my son gets it. Vince goes beyond what is expected of him. My husband and I are thrilled that we found Vince and we are very thankful to him for helping our son.
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    November 18, 2020


    His knows his stuff really well so he is definitely capable of teaching Math. He always makes sure that I understand what he is trying to teach. His tutoring has helped me get better scores on tests.
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    November 14, 2020

    Sophia T.

    Vincent has been teaching me since I was a sophomore. He has been helping me with Precalculus in my sophomore year and on AP Calculus AB in my junior year. I have gotten both As on the two subjects. He has been very considerate, kind, and open on schedule. He knows what is the right pace for me and how to make math more fun. Highly recommended!
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    November 13, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Understand who you are: 

    It is very important for me to first know who you are, what you want to focus on, and your academic passion. Since everyone is different and unique, it is crucial for me to understand how I, as a teacher, can make you feel motivated and curious about the subject that you are learning.

    2. Understand what page are you on in school:

    It is very important for me to know what your school's pace is so that I would not waste your time discussing the topics that you may have already learned well. I also would like to know how well you are with the pace in school, so I can adjust mine accordingly with maximum efficiency.

    3. Understand what time you are available:

    I understand all students have their plans throughout their own academic careers. There are times you can be busy and stressed. As a result, it's important for me to know when will be the best time to learn since no one is able to learn well under extreme stress.

    4. Enjoy the lesson and Open to feedback:

    Please be free to let me know things I can improve on or things that I have done great by either telling me directly in the lesson, emailing me, or leaving a comment on I would love to improve and make everyone learn better.

    I have been tutoring on this website for 9 months now. 

    I am majoring in data science and applied math at UC Berkeley.

    I have been tutoring students not only high school students but also college students for over 2 years now. Subjects include AP Statistics, AP Calculus, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry 1 & 2.

    I had been teaching in church 6 years for free, teaching Chinese immigrants English to help them better adapt to the environment.

    I charge either per hour or per lesson.

    I usually have my lessons limited to around 1 hour to 2 hours maximum.

    The price is ALWAYS negotiable.

    The term of teaching is not limited, but I recommend at least meeting twice a week. And if you enjoy my teaching, we can continue for as long as you want.

    I was watching a TV show one day and heard a quote that was brought by one of its guests. He said, "the value of your life is determined by the value you have given to other people's lives." I found myself very hard to not accept that is a fact to me. Thus, I started looking for ways that I can contribute to the society around me. The first thing I saw was teaching. I was and I still am very stressed by academic work. So, I want to help others alleviate academic stress and have extra energy to focus on things that they truly are passionate about. By doing this, I believe it indirectly makes the world a better place.

    I have worked with High School students, College students, Chines Immigrants, Students who have Dyslexia, and Students who truly dislike the subject that he is learning.

    I was helping and supervising a student's college application essay. I was publicly complimented for my advice and editing on the essay by his college-prep organization. The kid wrote about me in his college essay for inspiration and invited me to write a recommendation letter. He got into the University of Washington, which is his high-target school.

    1. Flexibility:

    You must find a teacher who can be flexible so that the teacher can best fit your needs and time.

    2. Communication skill:

    The teacher must be able to communicate not only to the parents well but also to the students. Because a lot of times, it is the teacher's duty to really have a strong relationship with the students and know their needs.

    3. Interest in the subject:

    The teachers you are looking for need to have a strong passion for the subject that they are teaching. They have to be enthusiastic in the first place to make you feel motivated to learn

    4. Profession:

    It is better if the teachers already have a similar experience. So, they will less likely to miss important details when they are teaching.

    5. Price:

    Price is important. No one wants to hire a tutor that is unaffordable. Please first see if you can discuss it with the tutor. If not, it's important not to stress yourself financially.

    The only thing would be "REALLY know your needs."

    If you do know your needs, feel free to share with your teachers. They are all here to help!

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