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Offers online services


It's just me! My personally attracts many. My compassion to help fuels me. My knowledge and experience give me power. I do not tutor my students for long..... I help guide my students w

ithin that subject while GIVING them the technique and skills to help launch them. The skills they learn for that one subject will apply in their approach towards subjects they may struggle with.

No tutor should be a crutch. A tutors job is to help heal the situation and get the student moving on. Otherwise, I am not doing my job and I'm just taking money....... now previous students come back time to time for touch up and for some fine tuning. That's great, but for tutoring year after year after year? That's not likely, I am the whole package.....

I enjoy helping people. I believe that when we know better we do better. Educating and learning and maintaining good grades in school and maintaining good performance at work makes everyone's life better.

I find it satisfying spreading good knowledge.... knowledge is the one thing that cannot be taken away. What we gain through positive learning is a major key to anyone's future. Some of use needs to do more grunt work and some of us needs some fine tuning in certain areas of study. Either way, I am here to help. We all start from taking the first step. I'm just here to guide and redirect!


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    She’s impeccable with children of all ages. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.
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    March 07, 2020


    She has a great way with her approach. She relates well with her students and can make any subject understandable...
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    March 07, 2020

    Raina B.

    I really enjoyed having her tutor me. She was so kind and made me feel like I could do anything. Thank you so much!!
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    March 07, 2020

    Lynn B.

    Knowledgeable. She was very patient with me. She made me feel like I could do it. She is very kind and considerate.
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    March 07, 2020

    Dena B.

    Patient & good with teenagers! Knows her stuff!
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    March 07, 2020

    Tyler F.

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    March 07, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First I get to meet and greet my student. I like to get an understanding of their situation. I briefly ask my new student about past experiences as a student and see where they would like to improve. It is important that I see what learning style my new student has, it helps taylor how the session will go. 

    Learning styles the new student may learn best by:

    Tactile learners (hands on, physically doing things first hand)

    Visual learners (be watching and seeing something then doing it them selves)

    audio learners (learn best by hearing instructions)

    then you have the readers. They learn best by reading instructions and manuals/guidebooks. Reference to words and diagrams help this group of learning style best. 

    I am available by fone at certain times and video/video chat is available as well. Many times I offer emotional support during prep for text or homework help..... as well. It takes a lot of coaching.... it's not always the physical doing of grunt work-many times just a pep talk will help launch a new student into getting the ball rolling. I like to cover the mind and body and soul..... prepare the student into invisioning their goals being reached. In regards to the body, I teach the technique(s) needed to accomplish this and help build better habits that apply to any subject in the future. And for the soul, the approach, the lesson plan, the wording I choose to use have to resonate with the students soul. Personality and learning style have to be the influence on any session in tutoring. There is too much instruction and rigidity out there. I'm more out of the box and hand on and focus on audio learners etc to help get them started!  After we start.... I help build their learning skills by teaching them to use other styles mentioned above.  

    through this building of skills and techniques-many things happen:

    confident lifts up

    strength in study skills and life skills

    postive habits form

    _these all help in relating to any subject they will encounter whether it be school related or work related or personal research. Through a  lot of coaching -my new student's  communication skills will rocket!  It will always end up to a great positive experience. 

    I have been a part of peer tutoring since I was in grade school. I was a peer math tutor in Cooper and through out high school as well!!  I accomplished a bachelors of science from California Polytechnic State Univeristy in San Luis Obispo. I graduated with a concentration in Graphic design and printing. 

    I have had a tutoring business for over 10 years and our that on hold to raise my daughter. I am a single mom and homeschool my little one. 

    I have volunteered locally at the JFK library in Vallejo about 17 years ago. I enjoy tutoring and teaching anything to anyone and any creature. 

    i am confident as a tutor/coach because I have struggles of my own and in my childhood some things were more challenging than others. It takes time to figure out what works and what NOT to do for certain things. Learning this, I reach out and help who I can to reach their goals too as a student. 

    I'm not sure how this all works out yet. But, my pricing includes the session with a small break and covers some phone calls and a video chat or video to help guide students between sessions

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