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Cosine Tutoring By Julie

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Hi! I have tutored over 200 students middle school age through College for over 25 years. I have taught high school math for over 28 years in West Valley. I have a secondary teaching credential in mathematics.

I have a great rapport with young people. I also have experience in educational therapy as well.

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  • Brittany Toney

    Brittany Toney [email protected] To Whom It May Concern: I would like to recommend Julie Sabbah as a potential tutor. During my time with her which was a span of three years, I got a firsthand look at what an amazing person and teacher she was. She was so kind and always willing to help; there was not a time that I felt that I could never ask her any questions or that she wasn’t willing to spend some time out of her day to help me with any issues that I had. When she taught, she encouraged lots of questions and she was always thinking of different ways to teach us a concept. She wanted to provide us with all the tools to succeed so she also let us know of other outside sources that would help us improve our math skills. She was also very open minded in the sense that she wouldn’t turn down a student who had found another way to solve a problem. In fact, she welcomed students who had found new ways to problem solve. And always encouraged us to think outside of the box when a problem was challenging. When she helped students one-on-one she didn’t just give students the answer. She worked with them every step of the way, but also made sure to challenge them so they were able to work out a similar problem on their own. She would make an excellent tutor and would be an incredible source for anyone who is having difficulty in math. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Yours truly, Brittany Toney

  • Keara Murphy

    To whom it may concern, Julie Sabbah was my 11th grade Pre-Calculus teacher and I can happily say that that was one of the only math classes I took in high school where I felt consistently confident with what I was doing throughout the whole year. It being such a critical course considering it would send me straight into AP Calculus, she knew how important it was to make sure our comprehension of the material was concrete and correct. She was very diligent with assigning and checking our homework, as well as checking our notebooks to make sure we were keeping up with the lessons and practice material. I knew that if I ever needed extra clarification on a concept or came across something that I didn’t understand, she was more than happy to talk with me after class and walk me through the steps to accurately executing the problem. Julie prepared me better for calculus than any other math teacher did for future courses at my high school and I’ll always be appreciative of the advantage that her teachings provided for me. She is a trustworthy instructor and person who loves enlightening students through the challenges of mathematics, and it will always show within her steady patience and ardent dedication. Keara Murphy

  • Liana Moss

    To Whom It May Concern, My name is Liana Moss and I am a Healthcare Project Manager at an Information Services firm in New York, New York. I was born and raised in Agoura Hills, California and went to the local elementary school, middle school, and high school. I was also fortunate enough to have Julie Sabbah as a mathematics tutor for many of those years. The subject of math was incredibly difficult for me from a young age. Everything from Algebra, to Geometry and Statistics proved to be formidable foes. This was especially frustrating for me as I had dreams of working in the healthcare industry and studying science, which requires a solid proficiency in mathematics. Luckily, I was connected with Julie Sabbah and consistently received math tutoring from her for many years. Julie completely turned my math experience around. She explained things thoroughly and in terms a child could understand. Julie always made sure I understood one principle before proceeding to the next. This was incredibly helpful as I often felt left behind in the classroom. She actively interpreted my learning style and combined visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning into our lessons. The latter was imperative to my success. We spent countless hours together as I worked through problem after problem on her table top white board. She never got frustrated with me, even when I became frustrated with myself. I always left our lessons together feeling more confident than when I had walked in and far more prepared for my exams. The bottom line is Julie’s methods work. I went from a C and D math student to an A and B math student. While I was enrolled in honors and AP language and science classes, one of my crowning high school achievements was earning an A in my Geometry class. By my senior year of high school, I was placed in an AP Statistics class. Julie Sabbah changed the trajectory of my life. Without her help in developing my math abilities, raising my grades, and encouraging me through more challenging math classes, I can confidently say I would not have been admitted to Brandeis University. She gave me the tools to succeed beyond college applications. At Brandeis, I took high level General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biostatistics, and Biological Science classes that required quantitative skills that called upon the foundation Julie had developed in me. In 2017, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics. I would be remiss if I said Julie did not have an impactful hand in my success. I am very grateful for all of the time and energy she invested in me. She is/was the best math teacher I ever had. Best Regards, Liana Moss [email protected] (818) 661-8826

  • Lia Van Der Wal

    To whom it may concern, During my years in middle and high school, I struggled in math classes due to a lack of good teachers. Since I started falling behind, I looked for extra help and that is where I found Julie. Right off the bat Julie was able to help me get back on track starting in Algebra I and continued to help me through Calculus AB. My grades significantly increased after getting help from Julie and if I could not see her before a test, my grade suffered. She was able to teach me ways to solve problems that I had not seen before. Due to my lack of great teachers in middle school, I had difficulty with simple math and Julie was able to pick up on that and help me get to the level of knowledge necessary for these more challenging courses. She also taught me easier ways to figure out how to solve problems based on the given information. She was able to show me things that helped cut my work time down for timed exames in an efficient and focused manner. Julie was also extremely helpful when I had to learn how to use a graphing calculator and showed me how to use it to my advantage when working out a problem. During these hours spent with Julie, she was very patient with my learning, supportive, helpful, reliant, and flexible to work with my busy schedule. She was always very welcoming and friendly when I entered her home. Julie is very easy to get along with and genuinely cares about my educational experience. If our time was finished, but I was still confused on something she would take her time and work with me until I fully understood the topic. Julie was able to fit me into her tight schedule even with a short advance notice as she really cared about me and my learning. All in all, Julie was an essential part to my education and helped me get into college to study my passions to build my career. - Lia van der Wal University of Kentucky, Equine Science Major

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

Sit down with the student and have some information talk about his/her background and experience with Math.  In addition, we usually talk about his/her goals for this academic year as well as future - ie SAT/ACT/College

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