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Offers online services


Honors graduate currently pursing a Master of Science in Leadership in Higher Education. I began college at age 14 and received my Bachelors in Government/Legal Studies right after turning 19. After completing a program at Harvard Business School in Entreprenuership, I decided to start tutoring as a way to help others meet their educational goals, as well as maintain flexibility as I continue my own education.

I have tutored many students and friends throughout the years. As I will be pursing a Master's in Education, I am passionate about learning as well as teaching. I have taught children in all subjects from grades K-6, and I also worked in the English and Math labs as a tutor to fellow students at my college during Undergrad. I have experience with many ages and education levels. I know that everyone learns in a unique way and am ready to work with clients to figure out how to work smarter, just as I had to learn what works for myself.

My accomplishments have earned me several awards including the 2019 Inspiration to Youth Award during a 40th Anniversary of a major youth event. I am also a mentor at LA Lakers champ A.C. Green's youth foundation summer camp. I look forward to working with you.

I love teaching because I love academics and I believe that education is very valuable, so helping to spread knowledge is an ideal working environment for me. Academics brought me a lot of fulfillment and I think that it's so much more than gaining diplomas or degrees for hopes of soley monetary gain/job leverage. Proving to yourself that you have the drive and consistency to complete any level of education is a big feat and a great feeling. That paired with the unique peer/teacher relationships and involvement makes for an invaluable experience. This is why I am passionate about teaching students from kindergarden through college to enjoy academics.


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Kate was wonderful in helping my son make the transition from elementary to middle school. My son is very bright but struggles with time management and motivation. Kate was quick to get results and develop strategies for him to overcome these challenge. He hasnt received a single mark below an A- in english or math in the year shes been guiding him. Highly recommend!
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November 23, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I find that 1-2 interactions before starting regular lessons gives both myself and the student a good gauge of what we're working with and our personalities. It also gives me a chance to see the students school work and set clear goals with the student and/or their parents. It takes teamwork to really see progress, so having a teammate that you're comfortable with is key. A student that is aware of their strengths and weaknesses is always helpful so that I know what to focus on and plan around that. 

My upbringing in education was not traditional as I started college very young. It was a challenge and I committed to staying open to opportunities and interests that arose throughout my studies. I loved my classes and I loved my professors, and quickly found myself helping fellow classmates which is when I started helping at the English and Math labs on campus. I grew very fond of political science and that is the study I decided to stick with for my BA. After graduating, I explored my options and am now combining 2 passions as I blend a law degree with an M.S., with hopes of becoming involved in policy making within higher education. I have every intention of continuing to teach while I pursue my goals of making education more inclusive and accessible.

The more open and honest a student can be with where they need guidance, the quicker I can help them make progress to overcome any hurdles. What are your goals and what is your timeline for meeting them? I believe students should approach their studies without dread, which can definitely be easier said than done. However, I found things to come easier for me when I realized it's ok to feel lost in some things because I am supposed to be learning them which doesn't entail immediate mastery of the subject. Instead, ask yourself what you do understand as it will give you a boost of confidence and reprogram how students view academics. Then you can ask yourself where you're having more troubles and if there is a pattern in that. All I ask is that students remain optimistic and open to working together.

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