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Offers online services
Offers online services


Adam Wes is The Bhakti Math Guru. In Yoga, Bhakti is the spiritual path of becoming more conscious through embodiment and actions of love in life and meditation. To bring the path of Bhakti into mathematics is beautiful.

As a mathematician, it is to...

– Do math from the heart with the heart’s intuition.

– Do math from the effortlessness of silence and stillness, without internal resistance or the dissipation of energy.

– Do math for the love of the moment, for the inspiration of the activity itself, and not for some future result.

– Do math as a mindfulness exercise in which the activity is a means by which one cultivates and enters into a high-consciousness state of mind.

As a mathematical teacher or Guru it is to...

– Teach math seeing and knowing the student’s needs through intuition and love.

– Teach math helping the student from where they are to take the next step that is most natural and beneficial to them.

– Teach math honoring the student’s unique predilections and inspirations in life to help them bring their study into their unique interests.

– Teach math with patience and not with attachments to the result or any particular outcome, but to allow the student and universe to reveal the organic unfolding of the student’s development.

– Teach math as a means by which students can develop as integrated beings of love and consciousness to live beyond separateness and with wisdom and personal knowledge of their true selves.

– Teach math as a means by which students can gain command of their mind and empower their lives.


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Offers online services

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    Shantell S.

    Adam is an incredible tutor. He’s awesome and math.
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    June 28, 2022

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