Conceptual Math Tutoring

Conceptual Math Tutoring

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The most important thing about my way of teaching is that I emphasize on concepts and I make students understand very clearly.

I myself have been loving math since I was a little child and I love teaching it to students even more, I have had lots of students during 9 years and honestly they were all satisfied with the way I used,

Every one says ohhh math !!! So hard !

and I love to prove that they are wrong.


12 years in business
Serves Pacific Palisades, CA

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    My 17 year old son found his classes really effective and helpful. The way he teaches math is straightforward and practical. Also he is so patient and enjoys teaching.
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    January 17, 2020


    He is so clever and did his best to help me in my exam.
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    January 10, 2020

    Elizabeth H.

    Ali is an expert in teaching math. actually, I was a stupid at math, but I could pass my math exam within just 5 days the way he taught me. can you believe it, he is fabulous .....
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    January 06, 2020

    Adel D.

    The best thing about his tutoring is the various ways he know how to teach a specific topic. He is very patient and will work with any type of person and at the end of the day they will understand their math concepts. The multiple sessions each boosted by knowledge every time and resulted in me receiving an A in my course. I highly recommend him to anybody who struggles with math or wants to master/perfect any skills they are in need of learning.
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    January 02, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First I ask them what is their weaknesses in that course and then I try to show them how easy they were by my teaching, besides I make a comfortable atmosphere during each sessions so students feel free to ask any questions they have and I’m gonna do my best to make them a powerful student in that course.

    I studied civil engineering and I passed lots of math courses there plus I passed some mathematical courses in UCLA and now I am studying pure mathematics as a graduate student at CSUN.

    it’s about 25 dollars per hour.

    if the student agrees with 2 hour for each session it will be even less expensive.

    I started by teaching to my classmates and friends, their relatives and ...

    I have worked with variety of students from teenagers to adults.

    I recently got admission for CSUN M.S. mathematics program, and I enrolled. I'm really happy about it.

    Find a good tutor who you feel comfortable with, so you can ask your questions easily, and of course don't forget to practice. 

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