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Our tutors are unique individuals in whom we've found the combination of expert knowledge, excellent teaching ability, and the passion and patience to help others who are struggling. With over 50 online capable tutors on staff, we are an interesting bunch of young, highly accomplished individuals.

Within our ranks we boast: Students graduating at the top 5% of their class, Valedictorians, Campus Leaders, Future Medical Professionals, Student Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Polyglots, and Artists.

During COVID-19 we have transitioned our team to 100% virtual tutoring sessions so that our tutors can continue supporting students and parents nationwide as they navigate distance education. Utilizing methods we’ve been perfecting for years, we allow you to safely access your tutor from anywhere in the world using our company-provided equipment.

We love to make learning personal and meaningful for our students.

Every student learns differently. Therefore, we strive to provide students with the very best tutors who will cater to their learning styles, speak their language, and work one-on-one with them to accomplish their goals.

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing out students suceed and knowing that we were able play a part in helping them along.

-PCH Tutors


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    Aimee P.

    The tutors were prompt, prepared and helpful each time! My son’s grade, and overall understanding of the subject really improved this year. We recommend PCH Tutors to anyone.
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    June 03, 2019

    Justine P.

    Always a big help, in all subjects. Tutors are super qualified, professional and on time.
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    March 08, 2019

    Debra S.

    My son worked with PCH Tutors for SAT prep from summer after junior year into the Fall SAT test period. Jake was great to work with and his system of providing iPads for homework and testing helped with my sons busy club soccer schedule. My son could work on drills while we drove to games or flying in trips. With the help of Jake he was able to raise his score over 100 points from his previous test. At this point my son has been accepted into every college he applied and we can thank PCH for being a bi part of that! We have worked with PCH for AP tutoring as well. I highly recommend their professional yet relatable tutors.
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    March 08, 2019

    Nick D.

    I have been using PCH Tutors for 7 years and I have recommended it to a bunch of people that I know and I have heard nothing but good feedback. They have offered amazing one on one tutoring all through out middle school and high school. They have even helped me through my college admissions process and studying for the ACT/SAT exam. If you are looking for a tutor, I definitely recommend trying out this tutoring company. Also, a nice thing that this tutoring company offers is that they will go and meet you where it’s most convenient for you, which is really nice. I had to recommend them since I just got into my number 1 choice for college, Chapman University.
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    March 07, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    We start with a phone call with our new clients to get an understanding of their student's needs, academic background, and what is creating difficulty for a student in a particular subject area. 

    From there, we then discuss what a student's scheduling needs are so that way we can help to facilitate a long term tutoring relationship with one of the tutors on our team. It's always more helpful to work with the same tutor each time, so we try to make sure that schedules align from the start between tutors and students. 

    Finally, we ask parents what kind of personalities their student responds to best and what their student's learning style is like so that we can assign the tutors we think will fit their needs best. Once we’ve matched our students with the right tutor we mail our clients an iPad and Apple Pencil in order to equip their students with the tools necessary to facilitate a seamless and intuitive online learning experience. 

    The academic background of our team is diverse and we are well suited to tutoring multiple subject areas. 

    Our test prep tutors are regularly able to score within the top 1% of test takers on standardized test such as the SAT, ACT, and ISEE.

    The tutors we assign for AP and IB course work have either taken theses courses and passed with scores of 4 or better or are in the process of obtaining a relevant degrees for the subjects they are tutoring.

    In addition, all of our tutors are required to take proficency exams before they are aproved for tutoring in their areas of expertise. 


    We've done our very best to make our rates affordable for our clientele and therefore price our services according to subject difficulty: K-Middle school subjects are on the lower end of our price range and college level tutoring, AP subjects, and ACT / SAT prep are on the higher end of our price range.

    Our minimum bill time is a 1 hour tutoring session and for sessions that go longer than 1hr we bill in 5 minute increments. We bill customers weekly via emailed invoices payable through a credit card on file.

    I began tutoring Math, Science, English, History, and Spanish in 2007 as a sophomore in college at Pepperdine University in order to pay my way through school. In 2009 after letting a couple of my current clients know that I wanted to increase the number of students I was tutoring they began referring me to all of their friends. From that point on my phone has never stopped ringing with requests for tutoring. 

    Once I was completely booked, I began setting my smartest friends up with tutoring jobs. However, before long I ran out of friends to refer people to, so I decided to start PCH Tutors so that I could properly interview and train the tutors I was sending people. 

    We started out with 4-5 tutors on our team in Malibu and beach cities along the PCH highway and now we are well over 50 tutors working to meet the tutoring needs of our clients nationwide. We love seeing our students succeed in school, meet their academic goals and build strong relationships with their tutors.

    We've worked in almost every subject area: Math, Science, Computer Science, Test Prep, History, Foreign Language, English, Art, AP Subjects and college classes.

    A majority of the requests we work with are for students in need of help with Math, Science, AP Subjects, and SAT / ACT test prep. We have experience working with students with learning differences, and have been successful in working to help these students to improve their academic performance.

    Every year we take on a new group of students for 1-on-1 ACT and SAT test prep. It's always a rewarding experience to see students improve their scores over time and exciting to see all of the doors that scoring higher opens for students in the college admissions process.

    Test prep usually takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks for most of our students, however we've been able to achieve exceptional results with some students in a much shorter span of time.

    I would definitely suggest looking for a tutor who is interested in more than academics and possesses a rich, well-rounded background.

    I would look for someone who will be an effective academic mentor for your student because to be a good tutor you have to pay attention to what makes a student tick and show them that you are invested in their success.

    We usually find we're able to help a client best when they have a very clear understanding of their student's schedule and a rough idea of how many times a week they would like to meet with a tutor.

    Even if you don’t have the answers to these questions, we’re flexible and able to utilize our expertise in helping clients find solutions that will work for them in a pinch or over the long term.

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