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I have been teaching and tutoring math students for the past seven years. As someone who struggled with math myself, I can relate to those it does not come easy to. My approach breaks it down to a language that a fifth grader could comprehend. I teach and tutor up through pre calculus at the moment.

In my teaching experience, I enjoy engaging those in math topics that otherwise would have been tuned out. I also like teaching kids that math can be fun and applicable, and I enjoy some of the autonomy that my district gives me with my classes and curriculum.


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Frequently asked questions

When I begin working with a new student I first discuss their personal goals as well as their parent's goals for the session or sessions. I need to understand the end goal so that we can create a plan together to achieve it. Typically it is reviewing and preparing for tests that are unfolding or happening in the near future. Other times it may just be to go over a few days of homework that were confusing and reteach the concepts. I am open to whatever math help is needed for the individual, and I am confident that we can create and follow a successful plan to make that happen. 

I have taught math for over 8 and been tutoring math for around 10 years at this point. I feel that my approachable and friendly personality as well as honest and humorous attitudes at times works well for most students and allows them to feel comfortable in learning and engaging in the tutoring sessions. 

My pricing typically is by the hour, and the minimum time is also one hour. Because I am driving to you likely and may be commuting up to an hour one way, I need to make sure my time is compensated for. My prices for this year are:

I round to the nearest quarter hour. examples: 

1-2:10 = 1.25 hours  

$50 1 hour 

$80 1.5-2 hours

I first began to enjoy teaching at the age of 14 when I acquired my first job at a local pool across the street from where I lived. as a frequent visitor, I knew the staff pretty well growing up and they knew me. Working there my first year They knew I was a decent swimmer and "asked" or forced me to teach swim lessons. It is this first experience that had me fall in love with changing the lives of kids and young adults that got me into teaching. 

I have worked with all types of students in the past. 

My advice to students and parents looking to hire a tutor in an area of my expertise would be to sit down with the tutor and their child while they work in the first session and really see how they are helping or not helping the child. Make sure your money is well spent. Mt rates may seem steep, but  I am very effective in what I do.

Students are parents should ask themselves if there are other free online resources that could help their child out. Also, they should ask if some of these questions could be asked in class to the teacher or in a small meeting with their instructor in appropriate times during the school day.  

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