Math, Physics, Chemistry And Standardized Test (SAT, ACT, AP) Tutoring With Camille

Math, Physics, Chemistry And Standardized Test (SAT, ACT, AP) Tutoring With Camille

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Offers online services


I've just finished my degree in Physics, with two minors in Aerospace Engineering and Math. While at university I was a teaching assistant for Astronomy and Physics II courses, and I've tutored peers and high school students in Calculus, Algebra, Astronomy, AP Physics, and Physics I & II at the college level, as well as younger students in basic and Common Core math.

I've worked with students of all ages (second grade to college-aged), and of all learning skill levels (learning disability to gifted).

One of my passions is standardized tests - I got a perfect score on the SAT in 2015 on my first try. I tutor for the SAT (Math and Verbal Sections), SAT II on Math 1 & 2, AP Chemistry, and any of the AP Physics or AP Calculus Tests, as well as any high school level math, physics, or chemistry. I have lots of tips for you to immediately perform better that you won't find in other places, as I've developed most of them myself!

Studies show that students who feel confident on the day of a test uniformly perform better. With that in mind I take an anxiety-free, skill-building approach to learning and test taking. I've never been good memorization, and you don't need to be either, to perform well.

Not everyone likes math and that's okay! The most rewarding part of my job is seeing students who used to fear math, develop a new, fearless attitude toward math and problem-solving in general, even if they still ultimately prefer other subjects.

Math always has one correct answer, but usually there are many, many ways to think about a math problem. If a student is struggling, my goal is always to find the way to think about the problem which makes the most sense to them.


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Offers online services

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    Michelle M.

    I asked Camille to work with my daughter to help prepare her for a Calculus BC final exam. Camille identified the areas my daughter needed the most assistance in and helped her master those areas. Overall I am thrilled with not only Camille’s breadth of knowledge and positivity but also her ability to explain complex topics in a manageable way. My daughter is looking forward to working with her in future subjects!
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    August 28, 2021

    Brittney S.

    Camille tutored me for a grad-level statistics class. She was extremely helpful in teaching me what I didnt understand and I became much more confident in the topic. She also shared great tips for doing the homework and taking the exams. I highly recommend Camille as a tutor, she has been nothing but helpful.
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    June 16, 2021

    Lily W.

    Camille has a way of explaining complicated concepts that makes them seem simple! She is a problem-solver who approaches ideas from all different angles in order to help students understand them.
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    June 12, 2020

    Rebecca Y.

    Very knowledgeable and thorough. Helpful in explaining the topics I was struggling with.
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    June 09, 2020

    Thomas L.

    Very helpful for AP Physics, really helped me get a solid grasp on the concepts.
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    June 09, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Depending on where a student is in the studying process and how well they know the material, we may begin learning or reviewing material right away, or I may ask the student to work through a test or problem set before we meet, so I can determine where we should begin from. 

    The best way to learn is to do. Especially in math and science, it's not enough just to know the theory, you also have to be able to work the problems you're given. 

    I've just finished my degree in Physics, with two minors in Aerospace Engineering and Math.

    I'm currently taking a gap year before pursuing my PhD in applied physics at CU Boulder. For reference, I was accepted in to physics PhD programs at CU Boulder, U Michigan, and Caltech. 

    I tutored and taught throughout most of high school and college, for students of all ages (2nd grade to college), and for students of all learning abilities (learning disabilites to gifted students). I'm comfortable with Common Core math if you are struggling to teach it to your child and with advanced questions if your child is precocious. 

    I was an Astronomy and Electricity & Magnetism Physics teaching assistant in college. 

    I got a perfect score on the SAT (Math and Reading) the first time I took it in 2015. (See an image of my score breakdown above.)

    I went to a nationally ranked magnet high school. When I graduated it was the 10th rated public school in the nation - it is now the 8th. 

    I was a gifted student in middle school (see my gifted test OLSAT scores above - by percentile: 99% vocabulary, 98% reading comprehension, 99% mathematics problem solving, 97% history, 99% science). 

    I'm prepared to help students looking to get into gifted and magnet schools. 

    Additionally, I interned twice while in college at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, once working on a coding project for the Mars 2020 mission, and once working on research and development for an Electric Propulsion Jet rated for a hypothetical manned mission to Mars. 

    I also worked for an engineering professor testing applications of specific plasma phenomena. 

    In 2016, while a senior in high school, I won the top prize in the Physics Division at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) for independent research on the physical effects of asteroid impacts on planets. I was invited to tour and present on my research at Caltech, JPL, and CERN as part of the prize.

    I have significant coding experience. The language I'm most fluent in is MATLAB, followed by Python and Java. I'm also highly skilled at using MS Excel. I have significant experience in C++, and more limited experience in Ruby, Excel ABV, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    Inquire for price. Price can vary based on time of year, the age/grade of the student, and the subject/test the student needs help with. 

    I offer discounts for writing reviews and for recommending me to friends who become regular students. 


    ** Subjects that cost slightly more per hour include: AP Physics C - Electricity & Magnetism, calculus-based college physics electricity & magnetism, proof-based college math classes, college-level abstract algebra, and college-level vector analysis. 

    This is becasue the CollegeBoard considers AP Physics C EM to be an especially challenging course (with a very low average test score), and because the other courses listed are courses that have a very low pass rate in general. 

    **Typically, I charge more for college and high-school material than for middle-school and elementary material. 

    During or before a first session, there are several things we'll need to establish immediately to make the most efficient use of time. Knowing the answers upfront to these questions helps me do that:

    What's the most important thing you looking to achieve from tutoring? A higher test score? A better grade? Increased knowledge? Be as specific as possible.

    How do you normally study?

    If studying for a standardized test, have you begun concentrated prep work at all? Have you taken the test before? Do you have a prep book? (For the SAT I recommend the Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition. This is released by the College Board and is often written by the test writers directly or pulls questions from old tests. For all other tests, the Princeton Review is typically considered to be the best choice.)

    What score/grade are you trying to achieve?

    What topics do you struggle with the most?

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