Focused, Simple, Proven Results

Focused, Simple, Proven Results

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Do you ever get tired of listening to all the rules and still fail to achieve what you want? You study, work hard, and prepare as dilliegently as you can only to see your exam scores keep falling short of what you truly desire. Eventually you hit a wall, and after hearing the 1000th different conflicting advice from another struggling peer or family member, you are left confused and directionless once again.

Maybe I am just not good enough? Perhaps I should set my goals lower? Wrong! What if I told you there's a small, yet very subtle mindset shift that all top performers are aware of. You better believe it because, if implemeted ruthlessly, what I am about to share to you will completely alter the course of your life. You will immediately encounter a deep-seeded inner confidence that will unleash your strongest ambitions. The days of questioning youself will be no more. In due time, your actions will push you into a special tier a cut above the rest and you will be the shining envy amongst your peers.

Mind you, what I am referring to is not shared in traditional schooling. How tragic. Only extremely good fortune has led me to this discovery for which I am so grateful for. Understand my findings at an earlier age than myself? Your future self will thank yourself over and over again. Save yourself the headache and frustraion and allow me to explain my highly effective, actionable methods that is personally tailored to your individual psyche. I will do so in a most concisely, effectively, and friendly manner. These habits will carry you far for the rest of your life and once you see the value in it, you will never look back and truly live a life with no regrets. Ask any older peer. Regret is the worst feeling on Earth. Have the humility to understand that before it is too late.

Be warned, stepping into a successful lifestyle is very difficult but at the same time, incredibly simple and rewarding. I am here to bridge that gap of confusion and effectively increase the value of your time. When working with me, I'll guide you step by step on how to become a self sufficient, thriving individual. I have no intention on leeching off of you and keeping you as a paying client longer than needed. Sadly, many people do this. Every choice and decision making process that I advocate is is explained thoroughly with logic. Once you start seeing things my way, you will be hard pressed not to change your actions. This is ultimately my premium, differentiating value that I offer to you. You or your child, in the long term, will be less inclined to feel the need to spend more on other band aid "solutions" that are designed for you to perpetually depend on. Once applied, you'll develop the mindset to assess true value, cut out wastes under the guise of necessity, and ultimately maximize your resources. If this does not sound appealing to you, I am not the guy for you.

While habit coaching is what I consider to be the most valuable form of teaching, I most definitely offer direct school related needs. I most enthusiastically offer assistance in all Math and English related subjects. I studied a very math intensive major in college, while English and persuasive essay writing is a forte of mine. At the end of the day, I am here to help you and make your life easier. I will constantly adapt to your unique needs and preferences. If you need homework help or an effective study guide for an upcoming test, I am up for the challenge. If brainstorming for an upcoming paper is tedious and difficult, my assistance is available. The same can be said for any editing or proofreading tasks. I have been told by multiple professors that I have a great ear for elegant writing. I invite you to leverage that skill of mine.

In my first meeting, I ask a variety of deep, but very pertinent questions in order to gauge your personality, inclinations, and potential shortcomings. I expect very honest answers in return. Once I get a general analysis of you, I'll immediately devise and discuss a game plan that is uniquely catered to you. From there, things should run smoothly. If you meet me halfway and open-mindedly apply what I have to say, expect immediate and long-lasting improvements immediately.

As a fairly recent graduate of a competitive, top tier university (Columbia University in the City of New York), I not only possess first hand experience in regards to truly succeeding as a student but can deliver it in a way that is concise, effective, and relatable. I am 100 percent results oriented and is fully focused on helping students achieve their tangible goals. I understand the universal obstacles that distract and refrain students from performing at their best, and will carefully guide them to consistently move past them. Along with course knowledge in regards to specific class and testing needs, I aim to provide powerful, actionable habits that if followed, will lead students to sustain maximum success over the course of a lifetime. On a personal level, I would consider myself to be very friendly and get along well with virtually everyone that I meet. I only teach with the highest levels of respect and empathy but am also unafraid to enforce discipline and point out the hard truths whenever I see fit. I am all about about helping you succeed in a timely and long lasting manner and am most thrilled to work with anyone who shares that same ambition.

Economics major at Columbia University in the City of New York (Math Intensive)

Earned A's in every math class in high school

SAT Math 780

Liberal Arts Backgrououd: Expert in persuasive, emotionally charged writing, as well as proofreading, editing, and content creation.

SAT Writing 760

Sat Reading 770

Contact me if you are serious or at the very least, highly interested about succeeding. The quicker the better because trust me, time is not on your side.

As an instructor I love seeing my students find great satisfaction in reaping the rewards of their hard work. And on the flip side, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing endless amounts of time and effort fail to translate into better results. Needless to say that is why I focus exclusively on big picture, productive assistance that is directly tied to the desired outcome of higher test grades and scores, which at the end of the day, all students find most fulfilling.


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Michael S.

Really sharp and bright guy! Joshua is the best at analyzing my problems and creating effective solutions. Also, a really nice guy!
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February 02, 2020

Janet L.

Joshua is great! Super caring and attentive as always. I love his consistency and determination. He always focuses on the right things and goes above and beyond to make sure that I leave our sessions very satisfied!!
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February 02, 2020

Amy B.

Did work ahead of time to be ready! Really cares.
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December 13, 2019
Hired on Tutors

Caleb L.

I really enjoyed working with Joshua! Unlike some teachers I had before, Joshua is extremely focused on enhancing my performance. As he told me before, he cares about my results above everything else and immediately shared strong work habits that I employ every day. His explanation is clear, concise, and it soon became obvious to me why they work! He definitely pushes me to be my best but is also a very friendly and patient guy at the same time! I wish I worked with him sooner. I cant thank him enough.
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December 02, 2019

Frequently asked questions

In the first meeting I plan to become aware of the entirety of my client's goals and then immediately working towards making it happen.

After attending a highly competitive, top tier university (Columbia University in the City of New York) where I personally interacted with many future leaders, I embarked upon my own set highly ambitious goals during which, through the struggle, I was forced to discover the powerful habits that I aim to pass on to my students.   

65 dollars per hour for standard general consultation and tutoring. Aformentioned and negotiated prices depending on difficulty on independent projects such as editing essays and drafts that can be done without the presence of students.

I gave it a try one day and found it to be fulfilling. 

Elementary, middle school, and high school students

Taking my dog on a walk early this morning.

Look for a teacher that embodies success through massive dedication and productive action. A track record of high performing, satisfied clients is a very close second. 

What actionable steps and lengths is he or she willing to go through that will help them achieve their professional goals?

Does the instructor actually live by the advice he or she gives?

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