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Offers online services
Offers online services


I incorporate applied psychology principles and the Socratic method into my tutoring and teaching. Making sure the student understands the material taught is critical for them to do well in the subject. I do believe that every student is different and how the sessions are conducted may vary. For example, some students may need to change environments or have breaks. Being aware of a student learning style will also dictate how I tutor. I may bring a whiteboard for more visual learners, I might read out loud to the student and have the student repeat what was spoken in the own words, and lastly, have the students connect to the lesson.

I enjoy connecting with the students and seeing them grow. Being able to watch a student's confidence in themselves and feeling they can rely solely on themselves to succeed in the subject is a great feeling, knowing I helped them.


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Ryan H.

Caseys a really passionate and kind tutor. As a student, I have trouble reaching out for help sometimes because Im afraid what people are going to think of my questions. Casey though has been nicer, and way more helpful, than most of my teachers have been in the past. Working with her one-on-one has saved my grade more than once. Thank you, Casey!!
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September 29, 2021

Frequently asked questions

I go over general questions about their needs and struggles, concerning the subject. I also ask how long they have had trouble with the subject, and what is their learning style, too. I'd develop a personalized plan for the student, so they can gain the confidence to succeed.

I have my associates in general studies and currently studying English at CSULB. I will be obtaining my bachelor of arts in the spring. 

My standard rate is 30, but can vary depending on the student's needs.

I began teaching once I got a job as a tutor at saddleback three years ago. Once I was trained, I began teaching students for ESL and English.

I usually work with high school and college students for English, but can work with younger students starting at from the ages of seven to eight. I work with students who are trying to learn English, to students who need help writing essay, to students with disabilities.

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