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Bren Math Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


Bren brings 10 plus years of experience as a Teacher and a Tutor. Primary focus is Math. Geared towards students age 7 to Algebra 1. Prior experience as a Waldorf Teacher with completion of the 3 year Waldorf certification course. During college received Dean's award, Thesis Honors, College Honors and David Gains Award. Bren has helped hundreds of students achieve their goals.

Hi. I'm Bren Banister and I have been bringing the joy of learning into hundreds of young people's lives for over a decade. I teach because learning to engage with the world in a meaningful and educated manner is empowering for the next generation.

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Offers online services

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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, Adult learner

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra

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Frequently asked questions

For Math Tutoring I don't do a formal assesment on the first day.  I think this can be disasterous and make the student dislike the tutor, the subject of math or both.  I do periodic assesments, but they are given in a variety of ways and some are skills based instead of knowledge based.  Skills based testing often feels more like a game and helps to ease the fear of tests.

Besides testing, I do activities, written work, oral work, problem solving, problem gereration, and exercises.

I graduated UC Santa Cruz in 2007 with several Honors and Dean's List.  I worked as a Teacher Assistant in Special Ed and General Ed from 2007 to 2015 in several schools.  Since January 2016 I have been a Tutor for my own company Banister Education.
I have led workshops for Educators, contracted with 6 Homeschool Cooperatives, and directly tutored students privately. I customize each educational experience to the needs of the student.

My rate is $20 per hour.

I started out with an education internship for a year at an environmental ed school.  Then I did special ed for 2 years.  I started doing education when I graduated college in 2007.

I have worked with all ages from 4 to 17 and adults.  For my Math work I start at age 7 and go up to Algebra 1.

I have one student right now who is learning division of single digit numbers.  I am using language like "cutting 8 in half" and to see him start to grasp it is really rewarding.  He is very excited and proud to be able to do a division problem which is new territory for him.

3 days a week is great, but I would generally choose quality over quantity because you want them to like math. In terms of how to know if it is helping you should be able to tell in a number of ways. 1st, the tutor should be showing you measurable success. If they are never giving you work and feedback, then there is something wrong. They should use a variety of assessment methods and show you the results. Assessment methods can be formal tests from a math book, a quiz that the tutor wrote, or skill bases testing like speed drills or times tables. You should also see that the student is gaining confidence and is happy to show you their work.

It is fine if there are specific problems you are having, general problems, or you don't know what problems you are having.  I work with students that are behind, ahead, and on target.  If you know what problems you are having or can find out from someone that is great to communicate.  Be as specific as you can and think about how to explain the problems you are having in a good amount of detail.

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