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Tutoring For High School Students

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My name is Daniel, and I am a UCLA graduate (Go Bruins!) with a B.S. degree in Math for Teaching but previously Mechanical Engineering, currently working on getting my teaching credential in high school math.

Some interesting facts about myself:

My parents were born in Korea and moved to Argentina when they were kids, and that's where I was born and grew up until the middle of 6th grade. Thus, I grew up speaking 3 different languages and continue to speak them today!

I like playing musical instruments. I began playing drums when I was 10, picked up an electric guitar at the age of 14, and now I mostly play acoustic guitar and sing. I am very comfortable playing and teaching how to play all three instruments.

I like playing sports. Because I grew up in Argentina, soccer has always been my favorite sport. I also like to play basketball and golf.

I love serving at my local church. I have been attending LA Open Door Church for about 11 years now, and it is my second home. I am grateful to God for having led me there, and I truly believe that I would not be the man I am today had it not been for my brothers and sisters there.

I just got married this year to my beautiful wife, Michelle!

Now, regarding my teaching:

I have officially been tutoring for 8 years (since around junior year in high school). However, I believe that I have many more years of experience in helping fellow peers learn. I have always been an outstanding student in the math and science areas, which has allowed me to extend a helping hand to those around me who did not understand the subjects as well as I did. High school is where I found my passion for math and physics. People thought it was boring and meaningless, but I found it so fascinating and reasonable! My friends would hate the idea of talking about a math problem, but I could not help being intrigued by math problems and trying to find their solutions. That's the first thing that I think any teacher or tutor should have: a love for the subject. And I can assure you that I possess it. Otherwise, why on earth would I major in math, right? The second quality that I believe a teacher should have is honesty. I remember being sent to an afterschool tutoring place during my 6th grade. Honestly, all I can remember from that place is playing handball and computer games all day. And this was supposed to be a tutoring place! And they were charging for that service! At the time, I was too young to realize it. But as I look back, I am outraged at the lack of honesty in their work. How can they take advantage of parents and steal their hard-earned money like that? It was unbelievable. I told myself that if I became a tutor, I would have utmost honesty and respect towards those requesting my service. So why should I tutor your kids (or you, if you are a self-motivated student looking for a tutor)? Because I will make sure that they learn. And if they do not, then I will not waste your time, their time, and your money. I will teach them what I know. If they want to learn and are willing to listen, there will be results. If they are unwilling, I will not simply sit there and pretend to teach them, while stealing away all your hard-earned money. I will tell you that your kid is unwilling to learn and that you should probably not waste your money on me. Honesty.

I truly hope that you will consider me and give me an opportunity to help you or your children out.

Thank you for taking your time to read all this :]

Best Regards,



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    Roza Y.

    Daniel is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and explains everything clearly.
    I highly recommend him for a tutor.
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    October 15, 2018
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    Roza Y.

    Daniel was great, well prepared, highly qualified and enthusiastic and very kind. My 2 sons loved to work with him.
    I highly recommend Daniel as a math teacher.
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    September 22, 2018
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    Very communicative, helpful, understanding, and fun.
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    September 15, 2018

    Atia S.

    Daniel Jeon is an extraordinary young man. He has been tutoring my son for 2 years now, and I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic.
    Daniel has great teaching skills. I have observed him teaching my son and have noticed that he is very eloquent and able to explain difficult concepts with ease. He is also very knowledgeable of the subjects he has been teaching my son (AP Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry) as my son usually asks about the topics he is having trouble with, and Daniel is always able to clarify and explain them to him.
    I must also make note of Daniels exceptional passion for teaching. Every time we meet, he is so eager to teach a new topic or to help with previous ones. He is even glad to go overtime when theres a particular topic that he wants to cover in detail and does not have enough time to. It is very clear that he loves teaching and is great at it.
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    September 11, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    - Get to know each other a little bit and be comfortable talking

    - Ask and agree about educational goals (study for an exam, ace the class, etc)

    - Assess knowledge of subject by verbally asking about key concepts and doing some practice problems on paper

    - Make a gameplan, establishing timeline to meet goals

    - UCLA B.S. Degree in Mathematics for Teaching

    - Finished teaching program at UCLA

    - Currently finishing getting high school teaching credential

    First 30 minutes free!

    1 student: $50/hr

    2 students: $40/hr per student

    3 students: $35/hr per student

    4+ students: $30/hr per student

    I have always been an outstanding student in the math and science areas, which has allowed me to extend a helping hand to those around me who did not understand the subjects as well as I did. My parents were also teachers, so I grew up seeing them do what they loved and developed the same love for it.

    I have mainly worked with high school students, both male and female. Some of my students have had ADHD and some just had absolutely no interest in learning. Though challenging, I stay positive and show my enthusiasm, hoping that it'll be contagious.

    I got married this year to my wonderful wife Michelle! It's been such a joy to start our lives together. She's also a math teacher!

    Find someone who will not only teach you math, but will also teach you how to reason and think. This is my motto: "Teach students how to solve a problem, they will be able to solve a problem. Teach students how to think, they will be able to solve any problem."

    As a student, I almost never sought help from teachers. I always tried to figure it out myself. I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I worked something out. However, this wasn't always the case, and I wish I had asked for help more. I'd say ask yourself why you're getting stuck or need help. If you know exactly why, it should be an easy fix, you can even Google it yourself. But if you don't know why, that's where a tutor or someone can help.

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