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With my tutoring service, my goal is to be student and goal-oriented. I put the needs of my student and their success as my top priority while giving my undivided attention during all sessions. I have a genuine passion for tutoring and supporting students, so I go all in to make your money worth. When tutoring, I value input and feedback from the student/parents to create a better plan of what works for them. All in all, I love interacting with students to help achieve their goals and put in 110% to ensure that they do :)

One of my favorite parts about tutoring is the ability to help another individual improve, grow, and succeed. Throughout the course of tutoring a student, I love being able to pour in all my time, energy, and effort into ensuring that they are understanding concepts and being engaged. Seeing the academic and mental growth of a student is so beautiful and makes tutoring such a rewarding experience!


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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner

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General arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics

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    My daughter (5th grade) was struggling with online school, specifcally math and reading, and Devi really helped get her grades back up and motivated her through these times. I can tell that shes very organized, fun, and helpful. Never had any issues and overall an amazing tutor.
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    January 15, 2021

    Avery J.

    Im homeschooled and needed help with my English and pre-algebra classes. I loved how friendly and nice Devi was. I was able to get through assignments with her help and understand topics a lot better. Also, if I had any questions/needed help outside of our sessions, she was always available and there to help me.
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    December 08, 2020


    Devi tutored me in both AP Calc BC and AP World and was probably one of the best tutors Ive ever had. She came prepared with slides, practice questions, and interactive games/videos. I learned more with her than from my actual teachers and signnificantly improved my grade in both these classes (went from a C-average to an A-average)!
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    December 08, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    I am the type of tutor that ensures my students are not only learning the concepts but at a pace that they can understand, but also through a manner that they are most comfortable with and are engaged in.

    I first get in contact with the student (and parents if they would like to) and see the areas where they need help in to work out a goal that both the student and I would like to reach. After discussing timing/scheduling, I create a lesson plan of what I plan to go over in each session. As our tutoring progresses, I value the student's input and feedback to refine the lesson plan and strive towards our goal. 

    I graduated from one of the top 20 high schools in the nation with a 4.63 GPA and a rigorous course load. Throughout my high school summers, I've also taken a handful of college courses that advance my skills and knowledge to tutor in a wide range of courses. Moreover, I've gone through the college admissions process less than a year ago so I know how to successfully prep students for standardized testing and their own application. I applied to and currently attend a Joint Medical Program, so I can help students with medical direct program applications as well. 


    Through middle school and high school, my passion for the field of health and medicine was sparked and I wanted to share this interest with my own peers. Therefore, I gathered a few friends and we mentored students from elementary school to high school in health education lessons in topics such as first aid, allergies, nutrition, and various diseases. Over the years, I expanded my mentorship by tutoring students in courses/topics that I'd taken before and mastered, such as in STEM subjects, most AP courses, standardized testing, college admissions, and much more! 

    I've mentored a wide range of students from 7-18 y/o in health education lessons, elementary school students in homework help or specific subjects, and middle/high school students in their AP courses or for standardized test prep. I also have experience tutoring in a variety of advanced college courses as well. 

    Services offered

    College Admissions
    Special Needs
    Social Sciences
    Test Prep Tutoring