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Offers online services


Hey everyone, I'm Parth! I'm currently an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley working towards earning my degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Having been in Berkeley for over two years now, I've learned that courses in math and computer science get a bad reputation because they seem quite daunting at first, creating a lack of motivation in many fellow students I've engaged with. It wasn't until I began meeting with student instructors and professors outside of class that I really understood the benefits of one-on-one teaching. These instructors genuinely loved when I would make connections with the material I was learning, and it often led to me understanding the concepts at a much deeper level. This is when I decided to create Dwight Math/CS Tutoring with a few of my peers. Learning from these individuals, I like to incorporate similar strategies to my tutoring style when working with students, trying to best to relate the material in a way that will click with them. This includes basketball analogies, flipping coins, or making connections to contemporary news—whatever helps my students retain information best. I have learned that students often time underestimate their abilities in subjects like math and computer science, and I love helping them realize their potential through creative and engaging lessons.

I have three years of experience tutoring high school mathematics, in subjects ranging from Geometry and Algebra to Calculus and Discrete Math. Most of my tutoring sessions were in-person and one-on-one, with the exception of a few remote lessons taught via Skype. I have worked with a total of 15 different students in the past, and have learned that every students moves at their own pace. To accommodate for this, I always make each lesson personalized to the student I am working with, and consistently ask them questions to help them engage with the material. In addition to tutoring high schoolers, I have also held a couple of tutoring sessions with college students, helping them in courses like Multivariable Calculus and Data Structures & Algorithms.

If you would like to browse my profile a little more and learn a bit more about my background (including test scores and certfications), feel free to visit my LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/parthematics/.

I love teaching because I love seeing the feeling of a concept making sense. I believe that everyone is capable of gaining a passion for learning, and it is my mission to help you achieve that. I love explaining concepts to people in a manner that inspires wonder and curiosity, because I believe that these feelings are pivotal to inciting passion within oneself. I think subjects like mathematics and computer science are beautiful, and using my tutoring techniques, I like to help other students realize the same. It also makes me very proud to see my students perform well in their subjects, as it shows me that I was able to make a difference, albeit small, in their lives. I cannot wait to do the same in the future.


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Pranavi J.

Parth was really friendly and engaging throughout our tutoring sessions and always made me feel like math was really interesting. He helped me with my calculus class at UC Berkeley, and he explained concepts in a manner that was much better than my professors. I really enjoyed how he made connections between things we were learning and events in day-to-day life; I think thats what helped me retain information. Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to get a leg up in math or computer science!
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June 16, 2019

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