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I know what it is like to struggle in school. I went through my education with undiagnosed ADD which made me feel awful for having to work a lot harder than the average student just to keep up! I was fortunate enough to come across many tutors and teachers who were able to cater to my needs and showed me that having a different brain is more a matter of learning about what needs you have as a learner. I am now very passionate about teaching and tutoring to provide students with that same experience of feeling seen and understood.

I gravitated towards tutoring math in college because this was a subject I had previously struggled with a lot. I now feel very confident in my math abilities and am eager to share this enthusiasm with other students. I have always felt invigorated in taking tutoring positions in college in a variety of subjects and subsequently worked tutoring and teaching ever since graduating college.

I have mentored and tutored middle and high school students in math and engineering, with a focus on algebra. I have also tutored introductory neuroscience classes, graduate level psychology courses, introductory computer programing classes, and recently got my TEFL certification to teach and tutor English. I worked for two years with a company providing habilitation services to kids with autism. This work entails tutoring and working with clients to meet a variety of educational, motor, and speech goals catered to the clients’ needs. Due to the pandemic, this work changed greatly. I was fortunate enough to work one-to-one with one client full time and provided online schooling support. I attended all the client’s online classes, and frequently created and modified content to help the client meet their learning needs. I spent the summers creating and teaching my own material my client. This sums up to four years of tutoring and teaching experience in a wide variety of subjects to a wide variety of students of all ages.

I am passionate about empowering students to understand the different ways they learn and to work through any challenges in their educational path. I love working with students and celebrating 'break-through' moments. If there is anything I could hope to provide students with, it is the knowledge that they are intelligent, and any learning challenges they face can be conquered.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I like to meet with the student for an initial session of 30-45 minutes to make sure we are a good fit for each other. I ask students to come prepared with a couple questions or areas where they are needing some support and send them to me before our meeting. This way students can get a bit of a taste for my tutoring style and make sure it fits with their needs. From here we can go over how long we want to set the remainder of our sessions and set out a timeline to accomplish the students goals. 


I have four years of tutoring experience in a wide variety of subjects and in a wide variety of settings. I have worked tutoring online and have learned many creative ways to make tutoring interactive and engaging in online platforms. I have tutored both large groups of students at a time as well as worked one-to-one with students of all ages. I spent one year tutoring math through the University of Arizona's Math Department in an AmeriCorps Sponsored internship. Here I both taught and tutored math mostly to middle and high school students, with a focus on algebra. In this internship I learned a variety of new skills and methods to teach math in ways that break down complex traditional ways of teaching math and incorporate many ways to problem solve using easy visuals and aids. 

I have always wanted to be a teacher and am incredible passionate about making learning fun, engaging, and rewarding. I subsequently found myself always gearing towards tutoring and mentorship programs in college. After college I worked on-on-one with a client who has autism. I became this client’s full time personal tutor and teacher, modifying lessons to meet their personal needs and goals, as well as writing and creating material. I continue teaching and tutoring online simply because I absolutely love it. 

I have worked with students from kindergarten all the way through college. I worked for two years in a company that provides services to children with autism where my job consisted of tutoring and creating goals to meet the needs of my clients. I have worked with students in classroom settings, as well as online.I have resources and methods to go about helping students who have ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia.


Anyone can tutor a subject. But you will gain the most benefit from finding a tutor you can 1) relate to, and 2) who can really put themselves in your shoes and help you problem solve in a way that makes sense to you. The most successful tutors make learning a subject you dread fun, rewarding, and engaging. Something I always tell my students to keep in mind is that we are all intelligent, just because you may need extra help in a subject does not make you any less capable or smart. The education system may not have been set up to meet your learning needs or style, and this is incredibly common. But you are taking all the right steps to seek out support so you can learn to 'hack' the education system and find the best ways of learning that support your needs. 

1) break down a rough estimation of time you are willing to spend per week on your tutoring/ learning

2) Make note of any challenging or difficult material and come prepared with specific questions

3) If something does not make sense to you, it's okay! Your learning experience may require you needing to learn a different method or to practice the concept a few times before it clicks. But make sure to vocalize your needs so you can be best supported.

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