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Offers online services


With my service, if requested an emotional support Corgi can come to help you relax and get through your stressful time.

Math is portrayed as a hard subject by a lot of people, but mostly it is taught in a complicated way that makes it harder than it needs to be. I love showing my students tips and tricks that would make math a lot easier. I have had many students who were lost because they didn't understand what their teachers were trying to explain. Seeing the face of excitement when they start to understand and having fun with solving problems is the best part of the job for me. I have been tutoring Math, Physics and Computer science for over 4 years for students from K-12 to University Engineering, Computer science, and Finance Students at GCU's Learning Lounge.

I have worked with many different types of students from small children to older adults so I get to know a lot of different people and help me broaden my perspective. I get to see the development of a young child who didn't know how to add 2 bananas and now she's doing multiplication. And get to hear stories from my older students why they want to go back to school. Also, seeing college freshmen getting comfortable with the overwhelming environment they had trouble adjusting in the beginning is a blessing.


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Offers online services

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    Daniel K.

    Char is lovely! She has been regularly tutoring my young daughter in math and mandarin for a few months now. Char is always well prepared and she does a fantastic job at keeping her engaged. Char encourages my daughter to bring in troubling homework so that they can work it out together. I can only speak positively about our experiences with Char.
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    February 17, 2022


    Greg D.

    She was very knowledgeable and patient.
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    March 04, 2021
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    Rita B.

    Char has been so helpful! Shes very patient and thoroughly answers all your questions and everything you need to fully understand the subject. I would definitely recommend her!
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    January 28, 2021
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    Brandon n.

    She gathered information to figure out what level I was at with the subject matter and geared her information in a way that was best suited for me to understand. She was friendly, patient, and very helpful.
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    December 29, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First I would have to get to know their level of understanding in the subject first to see what background I need to cover to get to the point that they can understand the material they need to get to. Also, each student have different learning style that I need to get to know and the pace that they can go. I like to use analogies in my teaching to get students to understand complex concepts so I need to know what they know first to help me. 

    Throughout college I have been tutoring students from K-12 in Math and Science. then I started tutoring university students from Basic University Algebra to Linear Algebra, Calculus I & II. I got my bachelors degree in Computer science in Data Science so I am an expert in Statistics and have worked as a data scientist so my expertise is in machine learning statistics and linear algebra

    All prices are on 

    I started by doing a little tutoring for K-12 students for my scholarship at GCU and seeing kids starting to understand what they didn't before is like a blessing. I love when I witness a breakthrough and watch the development of a student. Then I got a job at the tutoring center at GCU helping university students 

    I have worked with various types of students: from 5 year-old who needs help counting her apples, high school students who are trying to get into college, lost college freshman who are overwhelmed with college workload, last semester engineering senior who are trying to finish one last assignment to graduate, older students who are trying to get back on the groove of being a student and forgot about trigonometry, to a master's degree student trying to work an Excel sheet. 

    A student came worried about her physics exam. She was a premed student so she wasn't fond of physics and had difficulty dealing with her anxiety and grasping the concept. After our session she took her exam. A few days after she ran into the tutoring center with joy and yelled I got 100% and everyone started high-fiving. It was great

    If your strong suit is not math look for someone who use simple words. Most of the times students don't like math because they get lost with all the big words that the teachers are trying to use and either brag that they are smart or they are extraordinary geniuses that forget how to talk to regular people. Math concepts are not difficult if taught straight to the point or by using the terms people can understand. 

    They should think about what part got them lost and maybe try to think about the problem in their own way first and mark where get stuck first so we can help them better

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