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I stand out from my peers in this service because of my age. I am still in school and working on graduating. Many may think this makes me unqualified, however, I have been volunteering and working with children since I was a child myself. Because of my age, it's easier for children to listen and easier for me to understand how to help.

While I am young I have been given multiple responsibilities that most teens aren't. I have been accepted into NJHS and offered a spot on NHS, which I declined for various reasons. I am also currently an active member of my school's student council.

I love being able to help children in any way that I can. Currently, in school, I am taking a mentoring program, and being able to see how the child I'm mentoring has grown makes me so happy. I love being able to see that I am positively impacting these kids' lives.


As with my peer Nikk, I am also in the process of graduating from school. I feel it gives me a better understanding of kids. I have had a passion for math since I was in second grade and have been a pseudo-teacher to many of my peers since then. I have had my friends and classmates say I have helped them understand and teach them to understand whatever material we were learning in class better than the teacher could due to the unique/different way I would teach and explain it to them.

Another reason I believe I am qualified is that I am currently an honors student, not only am I in the honors program and signed up for it next year as well but my previous teachers recommended it for me saying that I would excel and said that on-level classes wouldn't be enough of a challenge for me.

I like to believe that I am a very responsible person when it comes to many things from other people to my work. I worked in both of my school plays last year and was able to do so without letting my grades slip. I have also joined my school choir this year which takes a good amount of afterschool work to maintain a good level of skill, not to mention the concerts I have for school events.


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    Greg W.

    Good, reliable, friendly tutor.
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    December 14, 2022
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    Teresa B.

    Lizzie does an excellent job tutoring my daughter. They get along so great. Each lesson has been fun and productive. Together, they have raised my daughters spelling grade from an F to a C in only a few weeks! This is great progress and I am thankful for Lizzies help.
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    September 28, 2022
    Hired on Tutors

    Catherine S.

    Lizzie was really fun and really helped me out. Ive been struggling for a while and decided with my parents to get a tutor, we were looking and saw Lizzie and decided they seemed like a good match. Lizzie helped me out a lot and I recommended them, they were a great help.
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    March 26, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    Nikk: When working with new students I try to get to know them even if it's only a few things. Then I try to establish what the students are struggling with and help wherever possible. As well as getting to know the students I use mainly games to teach. I have realized from years of working with children that making activities fun engages them more and helps them to remember and retain what they learn. Will: When I start teaching someone new I first like to try and gauge their understanding of the material by simply asking questions, asking what their teacher can't/hasn't been able to help with, and what they would like to work on. In the past it has proved to be good as we can figure out what the students need and move on from there, working on any other questions they may have as we go on.

    I am currently taking a mentoring class at my school where I work with elementary students to help them socially and academically. I am also currently an active member of my school's student council, helping to plan and manage many different events all in one class period.

    My pricing is fairly reasonable. Only $20 per lesson. Instead of an hourly rate, I charge for however many lessons are covered in the time we are together.

    Lessons will typically last an hour, however, depending on the material and student they can run shorter. If we were to cover two topics in one session it would be $40 rather than $20. However, that is not a common occurrence, which is why I price per lesson.

    I started teaching by helping my little siblings with their schoolwork and corralling them into cleaning. From there I realized I was pretty good at teaching in a way that was understandable for kids. I ended up falling in love with teaching kids, they are so sweet and I have only had amazing interactions with them.

    I have worked with many types of students, from many grades. Ranging from 1st grade all the way to 9th grade. I've worked with both girls and boys, as well as kids that are neurotypical and kids that are neurodivergent. My teaching strategies are very neurodivergent friendly as I am neurodivergent myself, and normal teaching strategies don't always work for me.

    A recent event that I am proud of is being able to work with 3 children in my mentoring program in only 1 year. I have been able to help each one in different ways unique to the child. I also got to perform in front of multiple other high schools and a college choir director. This was an amazing experience and I loved being able to sing in front of everyone and gain feedback on how to improve.

    I would advise that you look for someone you think will be able to teach in a way you're able to understand.  If your child is having a hard time understanding the material no matter how many times it's explained, look into making learning fun, turn it into a game, and something they will look forward to doing.

    I think students shouldn't overthink before expressing their needs to their teachers. Many people are scrutinized for vocalizing their needs and children are learning this behavior and aren't asking for help even if they need it. Kids need to be taught that asking for help and expressing their needs isn't selfish. That needing help doesn't make you dumb, that needing help is okay.

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