Lifelong Teaching And Learning

Lifelong Teaching And Learning

Offers online services
Offers online services


Math; If we work together;

With 12 years of experience;

 You are encouraged to work hard.

 You learn well with lecture and sufficient question solving.

 You can determine the lesson by sending a message to the question that you could not solve before starting the lesson.

 You can send a message to the question that you cannot solve at any time.

 You can always reach us by message.

 You work with someone who has been learning and teaching since childhood.

While the lessons are being taught, I offer question solving, resource sharing and book suggestions in accordance with the level of the student.

I follow the student's situation with his/her parents at regular intervals.

As someone who has taken the exams you will take, we can reach success with easy solutions to all questions that may arise.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Every beginning is difficult and this difficult process can be easily overcome with mutual understanding.

With my 12 years of experience, it will be a little easier for me to get to know my new students. I hope you will love mathematics with tolerance and unending perseverance.

You will be a math lover too.

I completed Marmara Industrial Engineering and then Gazi Business Administration Master's Degree. I am a person who has been trying to solve the questions of those around him since middle school, while learning and teaching at the same time. We have taught one-on-one lessons with approximately 120 students for 12 years and now I am waiting for my new students. I am doing question solutions on Youtube channel and I am posting solutions to unresolved questions that come as a message on my Instagram account.

By solving more new generation questions and learning what you cannot solve, you will be able to reach your goals regarding the sections or grades you want.

With hard work of course...

In order to set wages, the level of mathematics to be learned and mutual agreement are very important.

In general, it will be an affordable price per hour.

Actually, my teaching activity started with teaching primary school lessons to my little sister. Then he continued by solving the questions of my friends in high school. Afterwards, he continued with one-to-one lessons with more than a hundred students at the university and afterwards.

I had students at all levels starting from primary school and graduated from university.

One of the good things that happened to me recently is that a poor student I teach for free won a government scholarship.

My advice to you;

Find people who can speak to your level of knowledge and who truly understand you, and

Work with people who don't teach only for money

Will my teacher understand me?

Will I love him, will he love me?

Will I be able to do this difficult lesson myself?

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