Big Brother's Notes

Big Brother's Notes

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a senior at Auburn Univeristy in Aviation Management. I Have completed the engineering Math courses and science course. I inittally started in Aerosapce Engineering and will be getting my PhD in it. I started tutoring my freshmen year of school so I can help you.


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Offers online services

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Start from the most recent topic that you are learning and ground the foundation for learning the process. Build and grow off of these topics and truly understand the concept.

I recieved my bachelors degree in Aviation Manaegement, I am currently working on getting my masters in Mathematics and Business followed by a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. I initially started my degree in Aerospace Engineering and math tutoring.

Currently I charge 45$ per hour. Upon reaching 3 hours or it becomes 150$, and increases by 45$ dollars poer hour.

Teaching in the engineering department as a math tutor.

College students and a few highschool seniors

My girlfriend that will eb graduating from the University of Alabama Birmingham with her masters degree.

Make sure you give them all of the demographics of what you have going on in the sense of your learning. What lesson are you currently in? What is your learning style? Trust the process of the tutor.

Do not ask about how long it will take becasue it only goes as fast as the knowledge sets in. Always ask about an adaptive learning style.

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