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Offers online services


Throughout the years, I have been able to understand how certain subjects as math, science, engineering, and even Spanish can be simplified and able to pass that information to others effectively in a way that it makes everything much simple. I started tutoring since 2011 and it has been more as a hobby that I do on the side that not only has allowed me to master multiple subjects, but it has taught how to communicate effectively with people of all ages. I have had students from elementary school to college level and everyone who has been my student had shared with me that they enjoy learning with me because I not only provide the essential theoretical background for the topics, but I get to relate them to real applications that can be easily visualize than just theory itself.

I believe that using this technique with all my students has worked very effectively and had allowed me not to only have customers, but also friendships for life that I get to witness as how these students grow and advanced in their careers.

My education started at City College of San Francisco from where I graduated with two Associates degrees in Mathematics and Physics. Then transfer to San Jose State University where I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. The journey of my career has allowed to take the highest levels of courses in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering that I used effectively when I tutor. During my time at San Jose State University, I was very involved in organizations and also obtained terrific grades that resulted on being selected as Student to watch of the Year. See link below if interested on page 15:

Currently, I am projected to graduate in Spring 2022 with a Master's in Chemical Engineering at San Jose State University. All my required courses have been completed at this point and all is left is my thesis defense. My thesis is a one of a kind project that has never been done by anyone before. Therefore, in the science community is considered a noble project for a startup company that depending on the results it can bring new light to many uncertainties.

After graduating, I started working as a Process Engineer for a mechanical contractor company where I was exposed to many industries as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, solar, biotechnology, and construction. I was able to apply all the knowledge acquired that I learned in school and it allows me to explain some complicated topics in a more simple way to young students.

Overall, my hard work and the passion towards my career facilitates me to enjoy topics as math, chemistry, physics, and engineering that gives me the ability to pass that knowledge to others.

I like the opportunity to apply theory into real applications and make them a reality. As a project engineer it allows me to see the beginning of projects coordination all the way to the end once the projects has finished. Also, as a tutor I am able to bring my real time experience making theoretical problems applicable and a more rewarding experience overall.

The biggest rewards of being a tutor is knowing that students succeed in school and in life. Most of my past students are still in touch with me allowing me to become a mentor to them on their career path and coaching them on the classes that they should focus as they go on their career. In rare occasions there are problems that are very difficult that even some authors in the textbook marked them with an asterisk to indicate that it's a challenging problem, which I enjoy when students are interested on trying to solve them. Even though it may take me to work on those problems on my own time, I will be so eager to try to solve it and bring it back to them next time we meet to show them how to approach complex problems as those, which to me are the most enjoyable problems to tackle.


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    Giancarlo D.

    Knowledgeable and open-minded
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    November 04, 2022
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    Roberto was fantastic. He certainly has a the ability to teach, he took the time to explain things to me so clearly. He had patience and an abundance of knowledge. I was struggling with some problems and he explained them to me so well. We went though several different ones until he was certain I had grasped the concept. Thank you again!
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    October 11, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    First, an introduction to break the ice and ask the students about themselves as what they like to do?, what hobbies they have?, what games they like to play? I strongly believe this is the first step for a successful tutoring experience. Once the students are more comfortable it becomes easier to talk to them and more importantly respond to them as how they understand better. Some likes visuals, some prefers as a task list format, and others prefer just get to the math. I like to get to know the student at the first session to understand how I will adapt my tutoring to the students' learning rhythm and style. 

    Each session, I will spend some time to get to know them more and more to the point that I can start using examples to complex problems in terms of activities that they have passion for. For example, a NBA fan, I can start using examples with basketball players' names, playing strategies and even basketball name teams just to paint the picture on how I like to make each session as personal as possible because it has showed me that produces great results in students' success. 

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    A.S. in Mathematics

    A.S. in Physics

    B.S. in Chemical Engineering

    M.S. in Chemical Engineering (Spring 2022)

    10 years of tutor experience

    Process Project Engineer[Pharma/Biotech] (2016 to 2017)

    Project Engineer[Pharma/Biotech] (2017 to present)

    Every student and situation is different and it really depends on the subject that the tutoring is requiring. In general, I enjoy tutoring that there is always a door for negotiation. Please reach out and we can work something out within your budget.

    I started tutoring a friend in Community College that used to struggle a lot in all math classes. It allowed me that the same classes that we were taking I was able to master them because it will require me to learn about them even more in order for me to help my friend understand the topics. I noticed that I have the ability to teach others the way that I absorb all the topics that I decided to start using it as part time tutor. 

    Additionally, I was hired by family friends to help their children struggling with math that I use it as a hobby; then I discovered that I was able to adapt my teaching style to how the student will absorb the topics the best. Resulting in turning a hobby into a passion. 

    As a result, all of the students that I had taught had given me positive feedback and their grades significantly improved. In fact, I was praised by my style of teaching.

    I have worked with students from all different ages starting from 10 years old all the way up to grad students. In fact, I even taught a grad student preparing for the Law School admission test, specifically in the logic games section, which allowed her score to improve significantly. 

    I found out recently that one of the students that I was tutoring not long ago just got accepted into UC Berkeley with a full ride. It was very touching. 

    I will say, look at that person's experience and story and try to see yourself if you can picture learning from that tutor; then if you do give that tutor the opportunity, to give you a lesson keeping in mind that first lessons are to break the ice and get a general grasp of a topic, but you will be able to tell if you learn something at the end of that first tutoring session. 

    Will I learn from his/her teaching style?

    How often or for how long I will need to meet with this person?

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