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Offers online services


Hi, my name is Caroline! I'm currently a student at the University of San Diego, majoring in biochemistry. For the time being, I'm solely working on a research project with five other selected students under the Chemistry Chairperson (previously the Biochemistry Chairperson, as well). The research includes determining the structure and function of inorganic DNA via NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance. Studying the interaction of protons within the DNA strand, and then coding the data using iMol software enables us to generate a 3-D model of the DNA. This allows us then study how this is able to be applied, such as in pharmaceuticals, deepening our understanding of how modified DNA's altered structure and subsequent function would affect drug interaction, or drug efficacy, etc.


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Dane A.

My junior year of high school I was struggling under the pressure of preparing for the SAT in addition to loads of challenging schoolwork. My main areas of weakness were in math and chemistry. Lucky for me, Caroline was so helpful and knowledgeable about both of those subjects. After school, during my tutoring sessions, she would bring extra practice worksheets for me to complete and go through them until I fully understood how to solve the problems. My grade in chemistry went from a low C to an A in just a month of tutoring with her! Caroline was always so friendly and made our sessions fun and engaging. By the time the SAT rolled around I felt more than prepared knowing that all those hours of practice were finally being put to use. I am so thankful to have had Caroline as my tutor and with her help I was able to get into the college of my choice (University of Colorado). I highly recommend STEM Tutoring for anyone struggling with math and science. Caroline was knowledgeable in chemistry, algebra, calculus, geometry, and she gave me a ton of helpful tools for mastering the SAT.
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February 06, 2020

Frequently asked questions

Firstly, I've been a nanny for 6+ years, so I have plenty of experience working with people of all ages! I've tutored kids from ages 6-18 years old, on top of peer tutoring at my university. I am proficiently knowledgeable about AP courses, as I've completed 19+ Honors and AP courses. I am also apart of a handpicked research team that collaborates with other schools, such as SDSU and UCSD, synthesizing and analyzing inorganic DNA. So I have a very strong STEM background and expansive knowledge in biology, chemistry, and math. I also have completed the language efficiency program at my university, along with completing AP Spanish 5 and graduating in the Spanish National Honors Society. 

I started teaching when I was working as a nanny. The family I was working for at the time had three kids, but their two youngest struggled in school, so I was asked if I would also consider tutoring. Of course, I loved the idea I jumped on the opportunity, tutoring both girls, one at a time as they were in different grades, and even attended their school conferences with their teachers to track their progress and gain more insight on what else I could be teaching them that would prepare them for upcoming topics, etc. I loved tutoring those two girls so much, I expanded my tutoring by working with a lot of the families I nannied for, and then for their friends that needed a tutor, and so on. I also peer tutored, specifically for AP courses throughout high school, and then continuing to peer tutor throughout college. 

I would advise them to be completely transparent with where they are academically, and to not hesitate with asking more questions, a different explanation, or for more examples in order to fully grasp the content. I would also advise them to be vocal about what type of learning works best for them, whether it's visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc. Being up front about what you're struggling to understand and what you like about my teaching styles so that I'm able to customize my sessions to be the best learning environment possible! I also suggest keeping school papers so that I'm able to view what topics are being studied, and so that I'm able to collect relevant materials to bring to our tutor sessions, such as custom worksheets, tools on how to study certain topics, articles related to what's being studied in class, etc. 

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