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Offers online services
Offers online services


We are exceptional SAT and ACT tutors that develop a personalized strategy tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses. Our founder Adam Shlomi had an 800 in Reading and 770 in Math on the SAT -- good for the 99th percentile on both sections, went to Georgetown University, and has been tutoring for five years. We also offer free tutoring to those in need — money shouldn’t stop someone from achieving their dreams.

We analyze your student through a free diagnostic test and then create a personalized strategy that will focus on their weak points and teach the tricks of the SAT/ACT. With this SoFlo method, our average student improves 150 points after 10 sessions.

Tutoring is incredibly rewarding. All our lessons are one-on-one which allows us to make real bonds with our students. The chemistry between student and tutor helps us motivate, inspire, and teach students with a new level of effectiveness. That effectiveness helps us get great results: score increases that change the lives of our students.


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Offers online services

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    Eden B.

    My daughter had a great experience and although English is her second language, the tutoring helped a lot. She boosted her score 180 points in 6 weeks and I am planning to use SoFlo for my next child.
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    January 06, 2022


    Lydia H.

    My daughters ACT score increased by 5 points in 1 month which was exactly what she needed for scholarships. Very happy momma!
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    January 06, 2022


    Mohammed W.

    My name is Mohammed, and I will be attending Stanford next fall. I have been fortunate to study with SoFlo SAT Tutoring.
    The experts at SoFlo helped with SAT Test Prep, college application writing, and math tutoring. I give my highest recommendations to the SoFlo Team because of the individualized attention they gave me, and the subject expertise they have. For example, every single tutor scored in the top 1% percent on the SAT or ACT and comes from a top school like Stanford or Princeton. They did a deep analysis on my SAT/ACT weaknesses and my tutoring focused ONLY on those question types that were holding my back. Which was great because I knew most of the test and only focused on the few questions i was getting wrong. Ive been blessed to achieve a perfect 1600 SAT score and maintain almost perfect grades because of SoFlo Tutors. The founder Adam Shlomi is a smart and caring professional who always gave my family top notch guidance.
    After using SoFlo for SAT prep we were so impressed that we returned for comprehensive college application counseling. My parents have been hiring tutors for me since I was and kid and SoFlo Tutors is by far, this is the best tutoring company Ive worked with. Good luck students!
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    December 06, 2021


    Rick G.

    My daughter absolutely loved working with SoFlo Tutors. She only had a few weeks before her upcoming SAT and we were panicking. We wanted to utilize every resource possible to raise her score. So yes, we even hired multiple tutors from different agencies.
    Compared to the others, we quickly saw how amazing Adams team was, and we switched exclusively to SoFlo Tutors. Our tutor is an absolute genius. She can take the most complex concepts and find clear ways to explain them. If my daughter Jessica ever doesnt understand she immediately realizes and slows down the pace. Jessica doesnt even have to ask her to re-explain, the tutor just knows that the concept didnt stick. At SoFlo Jess started with a diagnostic test that helped her tutor understand her strengths and weaknesses to find ways to explain concepts specifically to her learning style. SoFlo did a great job creating a personalized studying game plan.
    After 3 weeks of tutoring, I noticed Jess was just below her goal score. With one week left, Emily recognized the small gap and taught Jess tricks for her least favorite topics (Commas and grammar rules). On test day, we got the exact score we wanted!! The whole SoFlo team is great. Whenever I had a question about testing dates or how to pay they quickly gave me an informative answer with a friendly attitude. Again, I can not recommend SoFlo Tutors highly enough.
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    December 06, 2021


    Sachin M.

    Weve truly had a wonderful experience with SoFlo Tutors. My daughter actually enjoys her tutoring sessions - crazy!! After just 6 sessions her PSAT score increased by 190 points. Great value!
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    April 07, 2021


    Grace B.

    I really like Soflo SAT Tutoring. My daughter has improved 340 points in her SAT scores. That is an amazing increase that will give her more opportunities for the rest of her lfe. Also her tutor is responsive, smart. and kind. On top of that, their customer service is great. I would recommend them highly!!
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    April 07, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    The incoming student will complete a diagnostic assessment so we can assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to make a personalized growth strategy. This combo test helps us pinpoint the student’s weaknesses early so we don’t waste time covering topics they are comfortable with.

    I scored a 1570/1600 on the SAT and went to an elite university. All of our tutors scored at least a 1500 on the SAT and our most recent hire graduated Cum Laude from Princeton.

    Our SAT Prep packages starts at $1,200 for 10 hours and if you don't like your first session you will receive a full refund. Each package comes with our 7 hour online course and a college counseling session and an hour or two of free tutoring.

    I worked at College Experts, an SAT prep center, before the founder passed away. In 2020, SoFlo helped 2083 students raise their SAT/ACT score with 1-on-1 tutoring.

    We have worked with students from all over the country for both excellence and remediation. We teach all levels and put a lot of thought into the pairings between student and tutor to ensure there is student-tutor chemistry.

    A mother came to us in tears because her daughter scored an 11 on the ACT. She was embarrassed and ashamed, but we told her that everyone starts somewhere and we’d like to sit down with her daughter to see if we can help. After months of hard work and studying the daughter brought her ACT score up 11 points to a 22. Now she can qualify for an athletic scholarship at West Point. Life changing score increase.

    Choose a tutor that you feel comfortable with. Student tutor chemistry is key to success. If the student likes their tutor, they are more likely to pay attention, more likely to do their homework, and more likely to improve their score.

    How have I been studying for the exam so far? What has worked and what has not? We do not want to repeat the same mistakes as a past tutor.  

    What exam dates should I be targeting? What is my goal score on those dates?

    Between the SAT or ACT which exam is a better fit for my strengths as a test-taker?

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