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Offers online services



My name is Becca, and I have graduated school for Elementary Education at UW-Milwaukee. I believe that education is a fundamental and equitable right, not a privilege, and I pour a lot of passion in my lesson planning and instruction.

I have worked as a Student Teacher with UW-Milwaukee, meeting a rigorous number of hours and lesson plans for each class. My work was peer-reviewed by either a UW instructor, a supervisor, the program director, or by the co-op I was working with. This has gave me the opportunity to explore more MPS schools and be exposed to new methodologies of teaching and student-based approaches, as well as refine my lesson building abilities.

My non-academic history with teaching includes:

-2020 to Present:

-Working as a "Mad Scientist" with Mad Science Inc, where I go to different locations (schools, birthday parties, other special events) and demonstrate impressive feats of science.

My formal experience with academic tutoring was working with Wisconsin Reading Corps as a Literacy Tutor in 2018. I had 15 students I met one-on-one for 20 minutes, every day. The goal was to get students to read an increased number of words per minute. I tutored 1st-3rd grade.

-2016-2017: Being a dance instructor at MSCR (Madison) for ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz. The age groups were from first grade to 8th grade, depending on the class. Our respective classes would meet once a week, for 1 hour, for 10 weeks, before MSCR students performed.

2014-2016: Assistant teacher for ballroom dancing at Art of Dance. Dances included are: Salsa, meringue, rumba, cha-cha, nightclub 2-step, Viennese waltz, American waltz, American Tango, Argentinian Tango, and Foxtrot.

I have completed 46 hours of childcare training with Wisconsin Teaching Procedures, and multiple Mandated Reporting trainings as well.

I live for the "lightbulb" moment with students. The shine of realization in their eyes when they recognize a concept, or tackle a difficult word/passage, or when they come up with their own connections to the material. It's those moments that make teaching so rewarding.

The other most rewarding aspect of working in education is seeing the progress in students- even in a space of a few short months. Progress comes in all forms, not just academic. While I am always thrilled at better grades for a student, I also value the importance of a child facing their fear(s), trying new things, learning to socialize, and engaging in productive struggle.


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Offers online services

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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner


Reading, Essay writing, Creative writing, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Learning English as a 2nd language


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Danyielle B.

Becca has help my child improve so much this school year! She has so much patience’s and show much passion in teaching. Can’t thank her enough and very affordable!
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February 18, 2021
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Frequently asked questions

When I work with a new student, I will always try to create a rewarding experience with positive reinforcement and enthusiasm.

I provide an open environment for students to communicate their confusion and needs, and have students open up about themselves at their own pace while guiding them towards a goal. 

Currently enrolled with UW Milwaukee Education program, previous experience with childcare and tutoring both in Madison and Milwaukee (see profile)

I am available for both virtual tutoring and in-person. 

Tutoring for Elementary Reading=
Reading lessons focus on decoding and fluency, and aid students developing a passion and love for reading. I will provide a succinct summary at the end of each week on progress and the material that we are working on. 

$30/1 hr base rate
$15/Half hour (for pre-k through 2nd grade students)

+$15 for Pre-k to Kindergarten
+$10 for 1st-3rd Grade
+$10 for 3rd-5th grade

Research has shown that reading with your child for 20 minutes a day not only provides structure and comfort within your own family, but also closes the educational gap in test-taking. Talk with your local librarian about books you and your child can read for fun!

Tutoring for Reading/Writing/Essays=
Between 6th and 9th grade, students are expected to be able to write both elegant and efficient essays for various classes. Students will be able to write arguments on discipline-specific content. (

$40/1 Hour base rate OR
$20/Half hour

+$15 Building an Essay
+$10 Drafting an Essay
+$5 Editing an Essay

High School Science Class Tutoring:
$45/1 Hour

Biology, Chemistry, Ecology.

**********A NOTE*************
I am flexible with my pricing. However, please remember that I do invest a lot of actual time and emotional effort to ensure that your child recieves the best education that I can offer. 

Elementary-aged, spanish-speaking, adult students, teenagers, MPS schools, virtual

The advice I would give to a student to hire a teacher in your area of expertise is to network and ask friends, family, or other community members for reccomendations of reliable tutors. Look for referrals and testimonies, and always feel free to message a tutor for specific details. 

Ensure that your potential tutor truly understands not only your academic goals, but also how you learn in general as a person, not just as a student. 

Questions you should think about before talking to teachers about their needs should start basic- questions about sleep, food, social life, physical health, and supportive environment. 

Students need to feel safe communicating with their instructor for their needs. If a student is not comfortable communicating their needs with an instructor, it is always important to understand why, no matter how seemingly insignificant the reason may be. 

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