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Offers online services
Offers online services


StudentCircle “Academic Excellence and Lifelong Learning” offers matching from a selection of over 40+ local background checked instructors. We strive to be the modern model for in-person tutoring agencies. Our tutors are more enthusiastic, informed, and better equipped than the typical independent tutor. We believe that in the modern age there needs to be a modern approach to private education. Our company offers its instructors forums, internal webinars, mentoring, and training opportunities. Our approach fixes the most cutting edge tools in the hands of passionate educators. We’re here for the love of learning. This important work can change a life.

Since 2015, we have served over 250 families in the greater Seattle and Portland areas. We offer 1 on 1 and small group instruction for Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Science, Japanese Language, Spanish, Mandarin, and more...

Our tutors are always local and offer free consultations in a local public location near to your home or place of work.

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Offers online services

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    david B.

    Two months in… Everything is good so far … Tutor has been flexible and our child did come home with his first Pre-Calculus B during midterms. Weve heard a lot about our child showing better organization for class but there is still work to do. We are happy and will continue.
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    November 15, 2023


    linda T.

    I hired StudentCircle for math tutoring during my child’s first year in High School. I sought professional guidance for my child as they showed early signs of struggle.
    Upon filling out a contact form on StudentCircles website, the owner, Theo, called me back directly. We discussed academic goals and history, and I was impressed by his polite and personable approach. He provided me with a full understanding of the process and offered several impressive tutoring options. It was evident from our conversation that this company had their processes clearly defined, which is why I decided to move forward with StudentCircle.
    Theo connected me with Laura, an outstanding math tutor. Laura played a fundamental role in re-teaching challenging Math concepts. She was invaluable in providing guidance for achieving general academic success.
    Throughout my association with StudentCircle, I consistently encountered the highest level of professionalism from their staff and tutors. I greatly appreciated that I could pick up the phone to call Theo and my concerns were addressed quickly. Laura devoted herself to making the most of our tutoring time and tailored each session to address my child’s emergent needs.
    I wholeheartedly endorse their math tutoring services to any parent!
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    September 28, 2023


    greg W.

    We found the consistency of the support had more of an effect on Riley’s organization in one semester than with another company all of last year. We had tried Kumon previously as well and this structure worked better for our child. We are returning to Grade Safe in the Winter. Thanks.
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    September 27, 2023


    jenny G.

    Algebra tutoring has been great. Thank you!!! Our child’s attitude has never been great with school work, preferring sports and video games. When we got to high school, homework became a tremendous source of stress for the whole family. We knew the issue was discipline and focus but we had trouble guiding our child. That led us to contracting StudentCircle and we’ve noticed improvement in Math and Organization skills.
    Now in 9th grade, college is not in my child’s crosshairs. They don’t get it. Beyond hiring a math tutor, we hired StudentCircle because we wanted to see developments that are going to bring success during college. Thank you so much StudentCircle! Invaluable!!!!
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    September 18, 2023


    karen M.

    Our experience having Charles as our Algebra tutor has been great for my 11th grade son, Ben. We received tutoring in the Fall and then Spring of 2023. Despite some bumps in the road, Ben successfully passed Algebra II with a solid B.
    If needed we will certainly return and highly recommend StudentCircle for its easy and valuable service.
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    September 15, 2023


    deborah W.

    Our journey with our tutors through StudentCircle has been nothing short of extraordinary. The evolving service we’ve received has truly been a game-changer for Liam, my sophomore child who was facing some academic hurdles and attitude issues, gaming way too much.
    Before we connected with StudentCircle, Liam could not keep up in History and English. His grades were far from where we wanted them to be, and it was causing stress for our entire family. Thats when we started working with StudentCircle initially for subject assistance. Over time, we moved over to Grade Safe, and support jumped into another stratosphere.
    Liams tutor, Emily, quickly became a beacon of hope in our familys lives at home. After it was clear things were getting done in History and English, I felt like I could just rely on tutoring to keep him on track. The unwavering support and mentorship he received really transformed his behavior, and my son started demonstrating the potential everyone knew he had.
    Over time, Emilys support grew immensely under Grade Safe. This was a natural progression for us that brought in more help on homework, nurturing, discipline, and confidence. Liams progress was evident in the remarkable improvement in his grades and, more importantly, his totally unexpected enthusiasm for what he was learning in History.
    Liam would not have finished his 30-page year-end research paper and presentation without Emily and all the help he received through Grade Safe.
    After our experience with StudentCircle Tutoring, Liams academic journey has taken a complete U-turn. His grades have improved significantly, and he now faces his academic challenges with confidence and determination. We couldnt be more thrilled with the transformation.
    As a parent, Im immensely grateful to StudentCircle for their incredible service. They didnt just help Liam academically; they made our family dinners more peaceful! I can relax at night knowing Liam probably is finishing his homework and not on Playstation with his friends until the early hours of the morning!
    I wholeheartedly recommend StudentCircle Tutoring to any parent looking to support their child with issues in executive function. My family’s story is a testament to the dedication and passion of the tutors at StudentCircle. Theyve not only rescued Liams academic journey but also set him on a path toward a brighter future.
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    September 11, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    We strongly suggest incoming clients begin with a free consultation with one of our instructors. The consultation allows a family to get a feel for their tutor before starting and provides a valuable chance for your tutor to gather information for building an approach. Proper preparation is essential for success. Sustainable success cannot be built on haste or desperation. After a first free consultation, clients are signed up with our invoicing/finance system, regular check-ins are scheduled, and regular sessions begin with your tutor of choice.

    We are a legal entity in Washington and the State of Oregon. Our tutors are submitted to federal and state background checks.

    My own college experience put me in a lot of leadership positions and I had the great fortune to grow up traveling internationally, which readied me for my own independent journeys into new cities, new countries, and many different kinds of working arrangements, which has readied me for running StudentCircle. I think that the two services I provide with StudentCircle are awesome role models for students and professional development for tutors seeking their first experience working for themselves. I believe that by forming a community, everyone involved in StudentCircle can come together to achieve this.

    We are diversely skilled, flexible to your needs, and well-versed in teaching for Developmental Language (K – 3), Foundations of Writing (3 – 5), Composition (5 – 8), Advanced Writing (9+), Adult English Language Learner (ELL), High School Organization/Time Management/Executive Function (9 – 11), Etc. StudentCircle tutors aim to teach foundations of learning to promote greater math outcomes. We cover mathematics subjects, including Elementary Mathematics, Competition Math, Enrichment Mathematics, Student Organization, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trig, Stats, Calculus AB, BC, Algebra III, Chem, Physics, etc. StudentCircle has an organizational strength and is the foremost provider of Japanese language instructors for conversation, speaking, writing in all forms, JLPT testing, travel, and K-12+ classroom support.

    Services offered

    Reading And Writing Tutoring