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Offers online services


When I was in middle school, my grades went from fine to poor. I suffered many things (as any child does) including potential learning disabilities and a general lack of interest, especially where writing was concerned. It took a very special teacher, but I eventually pulled my grades from the gutter, and my passion for English soon showed itself.

I graduated magna cum laude from Columbia College Chicago ten years later. I double majored in Playwriting and Radio, leaving with a healthy portfolio of work in both fields. While at Columbia, I worked as a writing tutor, helping hundreds of students during my three years there. My drive to help students in need transends a business transaction. I've been in academic trouble before, and I know how to get out of it.

Progress is what drives society forward. If civilization was stagnant, there would be nothing new, nothing exciting. I believe the same is true for people. We owe it to ourselves to continually grow and advance. As a tutor, it is my privilege to facilitate that personal growth.


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Laura M.

I felt like he really cared about me, as well as my writing. He has a great way of helping you find the answer, rather than just fixing what youve done wrong. Never critical, condescending, or boring. Hes kind, generous with his energy and patience, and always in a good mood. Hes pretty funny actually, but you never feel like hes wasting your time by going off topic.
I would highly recommend working with Andrew. Highly skilled, competent and professional.
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March 28, 2021

Frequently asked questions

Before anything else, I like to get a feel for how the student believes they are doing. Self-awareness is an important part of the learning process, and it may be something we work on during sessions. Once I get to know the student a little bit, we can delve into a particular assignment if they have one that needs doing. If not, we will work together on an assignment I give them in-session. This isn't to stress the student of course, it's simply a way for me to assess the student's strengths and areas of potential improvement. All of this said, every student is different, so one particular process may differ from others. 

The training for my majors in college each involved a large amount of study concerning English, both proper and casual. While at school, I worked as a writing tutor for classmates in all disciplines, and on a few occasions, for the professors as well. 

When I was in my second year at Columbia College Chicago, the administration reached out to me about an open position in the school's Writing Center as a peer tutor. I took a training course and fell in love with the job.

I've worked with students of all ages, from 3-60. I've worked with native English speakers, students who know English as an alternate language, and students who are in the process of learning English. If there's one thing I've learned from all these students, it's that anyone has the capacity to learn if they put thier mind to it. 

It's absolutely crititcal that you like your tutor. It's easy to think of a tutor as just another teacher that works with you to sharpen your skills, but a tutor has to be more than that. A tutor is your confidant, someone who you can trust to have your best interests at heart. You, as a student, don't have rows of other students to hide behind if you and your tutor don't get along. You are face to face and must interact. Make sure you're not stuck having a tutor with whom you don't get along. You'll regret it. 

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