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English And Social Studies Tutor

Offers online services
Offers online services


With tutoring students, I think it's important to make sure the time with them is fun and engaging. Like chatting for a little bit before each lesson to get into the swing of learning and make it fun. Sometimes people need a little silly to help them succeed. I think that is super satisfying when students say that I really helped them and they didn't find it boring.

I enjoy watching people succeed. I find it really rewarding for myself. It's an indescribable feeling when you can help a student hone the skills they are currently lacking.

I used to be tutored before, and it really helped me. I want to help people too!


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

My typical process is to find out the specific area they are struggling in. Whether it is grammar in English or Multiplication in math. Then I like to spend time working on that specifically and then apply it to current assignments they have in school. 

I have been tutoring kids for about 2 years. I started helping my family member and they encouraged me to help other kids. Especially during quarantine, I decided that was the perfect time to start helping other students. 

I do not have a standard pricing system. It's up to the family and me to discuss what I deserve or what they think my work is worth. I will say 30 minutes is worth $20 worth of work for a general guideline.

I love learning and helping others. I'm still a high school student, but I want to be a teacher someday. 

All my friends say that I'm super positive when I help them with schoolwork for classes. 

I have worked with all kinds of students. Some kids need a little practice in a particular area and I've had some kids I've worked on for a month helping them hone their skills. 

But wherever the student is currently, I will try and improve their abilities to the best of my own. 

For a tutoring event, I remember I helped this kid study for his test at the end of the week and he worked hard. He came back and messaged me and said he got a B+ and that felt really fulfilling for me. 

Outside of tutoring, I got into a study abroad program! 

Find a teacher that is in the area you need help in and see if you work well with the teacher. There's nothing like trying to learn something when you don't really like your teacher and that's ok! 

Some things you may want to think about are:

"Do they teach the same subjects I need help with?"

"What are some missing assignments I have and could they help me with them?"

"Do they have a price range I'm comfortable with?"

Another thing is just breathing! Sometimes when we're upset and mad that we can't do a certain thing, we can forget to calm down and breathe. Just make sure you take a minute and have a calm mindset. 

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