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Offers online services


I love what I do and I'm good at it! I've been teaching for 10+ years, and each year, I learn more and more. I'm always growing professionally and personally; trying to be the best version of myself as possible! I received my Bachelor of Arts from Longwood University with a Concentration in Secondary Education and an Endorsement in English. That's when my love for learning really flourished!

History and English have always been strengths of mine and I love helping others grow in these areas! I also excel at Writing; I've tutored in this area for years. I can help you develop key skills that will set your writing apart! Some of the skills I can help you build upon include: outlining, correctly revising/editing, thesis development, research inclusion, proper sourcing, evidentiary support, sentence structure variation, and more. You may not love History, English, or Writing like I do, but my goal is for you to understand it and be able to use it, in whatever means necessary! I'm also great with executive functioning, organizational, and study skills; I love to assist others in these areas as well!

You know that feeling of success and accomplishment you get after working out a long math problem and you check your answer, and it's correct?? All that time and effort spent on that one question with numerous difficult, time consuming steps, and you get to the end... and X = 6. You check it... IT'S RIGHT! I can help you achieve that feeling, in various subjects and different content matter.

Everyone wants that feeling of success and I can help you attain it!


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    shelly G.

    I had trouble with test taking and test anxiety. Stephanie really helped me out. She showed me cool strategies and ways to control my anxiety and refocus on the questions. I still have some test anxiety, but Im definitely more comfortable taking tests now thanks to her. Couldn’t recommend enough! 🙌🏼❤️👏🏼
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    July 12, 2024


    Katie B.

    I love Mrs. Reamer! Without her, Im not sure if Id have been accepted into my top 2 college choices! She helped me plan, brainstorm, draft, edit, revise, and finalize my college admissions essays. And there were plenty.. several for each college. She made it really easy by helping me organize all my admissions essays. Shed even help me after hours too. Id send her a couple of my essay revisions and shed edit & leave comments almost immediately. I cant say thank you enough and Im so glad I found her! :)))
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    January 09, 2023


    Laura B.

    Ms. Reamer was friendly and pleasant. She worked on SOL objectives for language/writing. Landon enjoyed the session. Thanks again! Laura
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    January 07, 2023
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    Ben H.

    I used to hate writing. I didnt like outlining. I didnt like making a rough draft. I hated everything about it. Mrs. Reamer helped change that for me! She taught me how to brainstorm and once I got a good idea, then it was easy to write about it! She taught me that research is important when writing. Its also important to site your sources. If you use words that arent yours, you should always give credit to the person that did. I love Mrs. Reamer! She made writing fun and interesting for me and taught me that writing doesnt have to be all bad!
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    August 08, 2022


    Kelsey H.

    Mrs. Reamer is amazing! She is so patient and kind with me. She always explained things really well and helped me understand things I never could get by myself. She did a good job of breaking down questions I didnt understand! She helped me set goals for myself and she even helped me achieve them! Without Mrs. Reamer, I never would have gotten an A in History and English!
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    August 08, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    I think it's important to get to know the student first and foremost! I usually start with a short "About Me" Questionairre to learn as much as possible, including the student's general learning style and preferences. 

    I graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in History with a Concentration in Secondary Education. I also have an Endorsement in English. 

    I've taught a variety of courses in History, including U.S. History, Civics and Economics, World History I & II, VA History, and Fundamentals of History. I've taught in two different public school districts and at a private school. 

    I've attending numerous trainings and staff development in my field. I also keep abreast of new and changing topics and attend a variety of related conferences.

    I have done a lot of research on current tutoring prices in my area, as well as the state and federal average. I look at the median amount for the areas in which I teach and compare it to others with similar teaching experience. I believe my pricing is competitive and fair.

    Many of us have that one teacher who made a big difference in our lives. Usually we can remember what set them apart and made them extraordinary. This is true for me as well! One teacher made such an impact, that I decided I wanted to do what they did... make a different in the lives of students!  

    I've worked with a wide variety of students from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses. I've worked with gifted students and students with special needs. I've taught students who struggle with learning and those who excel at with no help at all! 

    Recently, I tutored a young lady in English and grammar. It was an ongoing tutoring assignment, that lasted over 3 monthes. At the start of tutoring, her English grade was a D+. By the end of the school year, she had brought her grade up to an A-. That last report card really highlighted her growth and progress, not just by the grade, but with the comments as well. She was awarded the most improved student in her English class and I truly believe she deserved it! That experience made me proud to say I was her tutor!

    I think it's important to look at whether the teacher is licensed by the state or not. It's also a good idea to look at their background, including where they went to school, what degree they possess, the areas that they're certified to teach in, and the amount of experience they have in those areas. 

    A student should first independently exhaust all ways of figuring out a question themselves before approaching a teacher. Once they've tried everything they can, then they should come to the teacher for help! No student should ever feel embarrassed about not understanding a concept or problem. 

    Services offered

    College Admissions
    Social Sciences
    Reading And Writing Tutoring
    Test Prep Tutoring