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Offers online services


I'm a recently graduated senior from Harvard College, looking to help students with their Math and English skills, in either standardized testing or coursework. I graduated with honors in History and Literature, specializing in American Studies, and I will be attending Cambridge University in the fall to pursue a master's degree in American History. As an avid reader of fiction and historical nonfiction, I have great faith in the power of the written word to transport a reader to different worlds and encourage empathy with people with vastly different experiences. While my academic specialty is in the humanities, I am also experienced in tutoring math, and used to be a big math/science guy in high school. I have several years of experience working with middle school and high school students in math and English tutoring, specifically in SAT prep. I'm eager to share my tips on how I got a 1600 on the SAT!


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Susan B.

Johns teaching style is really patient and relatable! My daughter enjoyed the books that they read together (Lord of the Flies and The Awakening). Working with John helped her improve her SAT score and enjoy her high school English classes more. I can tell John puts in a lot of time and care into working with his students.
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June 18, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I start off by talking about what reading/writing experiences the student enjoyed in the past, whether inside or outside the classroom. When I know where a student is coming from, it helps make the process more enjoyable and productive for both me and the student. Usually, I begin by assigning shorter novellas so that the student doesn't get discouraged from reading, and so that the student can read more writing styles. Then, we can build up stamina and tackle bigger, more challenging, and more exciting works.

As a History and Literature major, I have experience reading a wide range of written texts, ranging from general fiction/nonfiction to academic historical texts. Small-group discussions and peer reviews are essential components of the major, so I have plenty of experience listening to, responding to, and working with other people in their reading and writing abilities. I also have experience working with middle- and high-school students on their reading and writing abilities in SAT prep.

I typically charge $50 an hour, though I am happy to negotiate -- times are difficult, and finances are uncertain these days!

I began teaching in high school as a math peer tutor, when I would host weekly sessions for other students at my school to stop by for math help. Teaching has always been a meaningful aspect of my experience as a student: I've always seen the ability to teach a concept as crucial to fully understanding it.

I have experience working with middle- and high-school students. In terms of their typical academic performance, most students I've worked with are average to high-performing. However, with all my students, I make sure to practice patience, since everyone comes with their own set of experiences and learning strengths/weaknesses!

Work with a tutor who is willing to adapt and customize their lessons to what you need, rather than imposing a standardized curriculum! If you're hiring a personal tutor, make sure that the tutoring service is indeed personal. Everyone has their own set of experiences, favorite books, reading preferences, etc. so it makes sense that everyone's learning experience in reading and writing would be unique.

One question is: What am I working towards? Is there an assignment I have to complete, is there a type of writing style I want to practice? Making sure you know what you want to get out of this is incredibly valuable!

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