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Jagan's Math/Science/English Tutoring Service

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Offers online services


As a Master's student earning a degree in Physiology and Biophysics, I have an advanced understanding of multiple forms of Biology through the college level. As a pre-medicine graduate, I can teach Math up to a Pre-Calculus mastery, statistics to an AP Statistics level, and English up to an AP Language level. I am also experienced in college counseling and essay writing, and have advised many applications successfully. I bring a diversity of experience to the table, and am extremely patient with my students. I have multiple years of tutoring experience and know how to explain concepts in an easy to understand manner. I teach for mastery, not surface level understanding. I ensure all my students walk away with a full understanding of the content. I am confident enough in my ability that if parent or student feels it is a waste of time, I'm more than happy to give your money back. Feel free to call or text me anytime at: 703-832-7767. Or email me at: [email protected]

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Teaching is the most beautiful form of knowledge exchange. It is a way for the teacher to reinforce their mastery of what they know, and to pass on priceless knowledge to the future leaders of tomorrow. I see no better way of making the world a better place than by passing down knowledge this way.


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Offers online services

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Ambika K.

He was so helpful and helped me bring up my academic grades!
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April 18, 2022


John N.

Saved me for AP Stat and helped me so much with my college apps/essays! He is a really talented writer and gives great advice. :)
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March 21, 2022


Robert O.

He is extremely knowledgeable in multiple subjects. It showed every time he taught! Helped my son ace high school physics.
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March 21, 2022


Billy P.

I love how he makes the learning for the individual. It really felt like he was listening to me and what I needed. Helped me ace a bunch of classes!
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March 21, 2022


Shruti P.

Just the best! He is so patient and kind. Really helped with bio, math, and AP stat.
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March 21, 2022


Joseph R.

Amazing tutor! He helped me with a bunch of subjects over the years. Beyond grateful for his help :D
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March 21, 2022

Frequently asked questions

I will usually ask students to show me how much they know with the topic they need help on. I observe a student's analytical process as they solve problems/answer questions. After observing a few iterations of this, I will ask pointed questions about the material to the student. Based on this, I can gauge where a student needs to start working. Not all students are created equal. Different students require different teaching styles, and so I cater my teaching to the individual. For more visual-based learners, I'm happy to draw diagrams and use visual aids to guide them to understanding. For more reasoning based students, I like to use analogies and metaphors to explain concepts. Practice and study time makes perfect, so I ensure that a student is assigned work to do before our next session, so they retain and master what we discussed. I also believe in active engagement, and am happy to text or call with a student even in off hours to clarify small concepts and answer questions.

I have a bachelor's degree and am earning a Master's in Physiology and Biophysics. I am a pre-medicine graduate with multiple years (over 6 years) of experience in college-level science. I have done math up to a Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra level. 

$40 per hour is my going rate. If I have to travel, the starting price is $50 per hour. 

I have been a lifelong tutor. I have been tutoring students since I was in middle school, all the way through college, as I have always been several levels ahead in math, english, writing, and the sciences. 

I have worked with students in: science, math, english, writing, and have assisted many with college applications and essays.

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Look for someone with direct experience in the subject, and the results to show for it.

How can I best make use of my time with a tutor? What questions do I have before tutoring begins? What is my learning style? What pace do I need to be taught at? What materials do I need to make my tutor aware of? 

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