Excellent Math Tutoring

Excellent Math Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I care about the same thing you do - results. I work hard to ensure the highest quality of service and develop my students' confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, as well as help my students reach their highest grade potential. With outstanding services and flexibility, many of my students improves their test scores by at least two letter grades and maintain their best scores by the end of the semester, or achieve perfect SAT/ACT score. The areas that I tutor include but not limited to the followings:


2. Algebra (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2)

3. Calculus (Pre-Calculus and Calculus)

4. Geometry

5. Trigonometry

6. Statistics and Probability (AP, College and Graduate levels)

7. Advanced Math (College Algebra)

8. Coding/Programming (STATA, SAS, R, etc.)

9. Econometrics

10. Economics


I have extensive tutoring experience and classroom teaching in Math/Statistics with college students or students of any age, and SAT/ACT for high school students. I am passionate about helping my students make a difference in math learning, for instance understand concept quickly, learn how to solve problems with ease and get to the correct answer effectively, work through various examples, get assignments/homework done with excellent scores and manage the time during the exam. I still remember my excitement when my student received his first “A” on a quiz or an exam.

With my Ph.D. in Math/Statistics/Econometrics and 15-year experience in teaching, I am confident that you will receive high-quality training, advance your math skills and make a difference in your math learning as well as achieve best score.

Please contact me or leave me a message at 202-279-1986 so that I can help you.

Victoria Nguyen


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Offers online services

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    Jay K.

    Victoria is an excellent math teacher who has helped our child work through advanced math topics. She is approachable, utilizes the time with student to the hilt, takes the time to ensure student understands the topics that are complex and feels comfortable. We highly recommend Victoria for advanced math topics such as Statistics, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra.
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    August 15, 2022


    Jaya, V.

    Awesome SAT Math Tutor!
    Dr. Victoria is a knowledgeable, and awesome math teacher. She was helpful in keeping an A grade for my math courses. Working with Dr. Victoria enabled me to more fully grasp the concepts and how to approach problems. Since I started working with her, I have scored an A on every test. She was extremely helpful in SAT Math training, and I cant recommend her enough to anyone whos struggling with the SAT Math preparation process. Dr. Victoria always provides advice on the best test strategies, break down concepts so I am soon able to master even complex problems. She is well versed in all math areas, including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics. She is very patient and knowledgeable and always breaks down complex concepts into digestible activities. Dr. Victoria prepares ahead of time and is very thorough and explains all the details very well. I heartily recommend Dr. Victoria for any student seeking assistance in math. She is an amazing tutor.
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    August 11, 2022


    Alia R.

    Victoria is an amazing maths tutor. She has been helping my ninth grader and sixth grader for months. They have improved a lot since she started tutoring them. Victoria simplifies difficult concepts and always finds the way to make learning maths a fun experience. She has the knowledge and the patience that every parent looks for in the tutor. I highly recommend her.
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    January 28, 2020



    Victoria is an excellent math teacher. In addition to her subject expertise, she understands middle schoolers and how to teach them. Our son was struggling to keep up his A grade in Geometry. Working with Victoria enabled him to more fully grasp the concepts and how to approach problems. Since he started working with her he has scored an A on every test, including a perfect 100 on his last one. He really looks forward to his lessons with her. We heartily recommend Victoria for any student seeking assistance in math.
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    January 22, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    We will make a schedule once or twice per week

    First, I will make an introduction and ask for areas that student are interested in learning. We will go over homework in school or areas that students are interested in learning.

    Second, I will go over tips and strategies through out the sessions to help students solve their homework or areas need to be improved. I will help students understand concepts easily, go over practical examples, practice and practice. We will do a few practice exams to prepare for real quizzes and exams. 

    Last but not least, I will review concepts and exercises with students to ensure they undestand topics thoroughly, get confident with their courses and advanced their knowledge.

    I have a PhD in Math/Statistics/Econometrics

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