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Offers online services


At Wordplay Writing, I share my delight and experience in the world of words with students from all backgrounds. My tutoring experience spans from middle school to post-grad students, and I have been privately tutoring on and off since 2010. Still, my love for writing and tutoring has not grown old.

I am here to help students achieve their goals and achieve their best, whether a student just wants to get that horrid college application essay done or just wants to be the next J.K. Rowling. Because I am far travelled, well read, and people oriented, I connect easily with students as individuals so they can complete their writing missions with as little stress and as great a mastery as possible. It could be a writing problem or a writing dream, a critical project or a creative one — I am here to help!

To any tutoring session I bring formal skills but also a relaxed tone, helping to ensure an enjoyable experience for both tutor and student. Writing is not everyone's preferred pasttime, which is why I allow room in each tutoring session for different helping approaches depending on the unique combination of student and task at hand. My teaching style is friendly and effective, so that any student can come out of sessions with a sense of a mission accomplished, even if the student hopes to never see an English assignment again (fear not; I understand!).

Deep down, though, I think words are fun and powerful, and I am happy to offer my assistance to students who want to take their writing further into academic or creative fields. I have experience in crafting conference papers, publication pieces, and creative projects that go beyond traditional scholastic assignments. I also bring a deeply literary and historical approach to tutoring sessions with students who understand that some writing has changed the world, and can still change it today. If this is you or your student, let me know, and we can discuss more in-depth writing tutoring.

No matter a student's writing, literary, or history learning goals, here at Wordplay Writing I will try to help make them realities with as much fun as we can muster along the way.

What I love the most about tutoring students in writing is the students themselves. People are interesting and unique and each person is on a fascinating life journey. Sometimes writing plays a big part in that story; sometimes writing is just a small step in the process. Either way, I thoroughly enjoy coming alongside students to help them in the writing sections of their life adventures.

But I also love words — literature, language, history, you name it. Words in all their forms and with all their purposes have intrigued me since I was a child, and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon! Tutoring students in writing is the perfect combination of a few of my favourite things: people and the words they choose. It's a good life where you can do what you love!


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Michiko D G.

She was able to help my daughter who is extremely shy. Jen was very nice and patient.
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February 17, 2019
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Kristina K.

August 27, 2018
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Spencer W.

First, I engaged Writers Forge on very short notice and they accommodated me without issue. I was impressed.
My tutor, Jenn, was on time with our session and took time to read my paper before we began so appeared to know what structural and grammatical edits to suggest and advise on to make the session efficient. Jenn was very supportive of my writing and professional with suggested edits. Jenn was clearly very knowledgeable about paper writing (mine was an essay); she understood the topic and class I am in deeply; she knew the grammar, syntax, notation and other methods of proper formatting and writing method; and she creatively assisted me in working my topic, thesis and content in a much better way than I had come to her with.
I highly recommend Jenn for this and I look forward to the potential of working with her in the future.
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June 15, 2018

Elise T.

Jenn was very helpful in assisting me with a paper I want to publish. She and I talked together about how I could format and work on my language for the paper. She was very flexible, kind, and patient with me! Thank you so much!
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May 21, 2018

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