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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hello there! I'm Syed Hassan Zaidi, and I'm thrilled to be your go-to tutor for a diverse range of subjects. With 5 years of teaching experience under my belt, I've cultivated a deep understanding of subjects like math, science, English, Social Studies, and more. My passion for education goes hand-in-hand with my commitment to creating a positive and enriching learning environment.

One thing you can always count on when working with me is a friendly and polite approach. I believe in the power of positive interactions making the learning experience not only educational but also enjc I'm here to guide you through challenging concepts, answer your questions patiently, and ensure that every session leaves you feeling more confident in your knowledge.

Let's embark on this learning journey together, where education meets a friendly face. I'm excited to help you achieve your academic goals and foster a love for learning along the way!


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Offers online services

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Elementary school, Middle school, High school


Reading, Essay writing, Creative writing, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Learning English as a 2nd language

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Frequently asked questions

I begin by understanding the student's learning style and goals. We'll then tailor a plan together, ensuring a personalized and effective approach. Open communication is key to adapting to individual needs.
I bring over 3-5 years of valuable hands-on teaching experience to the table. My extensive time in the field has equipped me with the practical knowledge and insights needed to effectively engage and educate students. I am dedicated to continuous learning and staying updated on best practices in education.
My pricing ranges from $15 to $17 per lesson, depending on the distance traveled. I believe in fair and flexible rates to make quality education accessible to all. Feel free to discuss any specific needs or concerns regarding pricing during our initial consultation.
My teaching journey started organically as I found joy in helping my younger brother and his friend with their studies. This initial experience sparked a passion for education. I further nurtured this passion by volunteering my time at school, where I discovered the profound impact teaching can have on both the learner and the teacher. These early experiences laid the foundation for my commitment to making education an engaging and rewarding journey for my students.
I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of students, spanning various age groups and skill levels. From elementary school learners to high school students, each unique experience has enriched my teaching approach. Additionally, I've successfully assisted students with different learning styles and abilities, tailoring my methods to ensure effective comprehension and engagement.
Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local community event that focused on promoting literacy among children. Witnessing the enthusiasm and curiosity in the eyes of those young learners as they engaged with books and educational activities was truly heartwarming. It reinforced my belief in the transformative power of education and community involvement.
I recommend students focus on finding a teacher who not only possesses a strong grasp of the subject matter but also understands and adapts to their unique learning style. Look for a teacher who encourages questions, fosters a positive and interactive learning environment, and is committed to your academic success. Additionally, consider their teaching approach, experience, and the ability to make the learning experience enjoyable and meaningful. A great teacher is not just a source of knowledge but a supportive guide on your educational journey.
Before approaching teachers about their needs, students might consider the following questions: 1. What specific challenges am I facing in the subject or topic? 2. What learning style works best for me? 3. Are there specific resources or tools that would aid my understanding? 4. Do I have a preferred method of communication with the teacher? (e.g., in-person, email, virtual meeting) 5. What are my academic goals for this subject, and how can the teacher support me in achieving them? 6. Are there any specific accommodations or adjustments that would enhance my learning experience? 7. Have I tried any independent strategies to address my concerns, and if so, what were the results? 8. Are there external factors (personal, family, etc.) that might be affecting my performance that I should discuss with the teacher? 9. Do I need clarification on any specific assignments or concepts? 10. How can I express my concerns and needs in a respectful and constructive manner? Thinking through these questions can help students articulate their needs more effectively and foster a positive and collaborative relationship with their teachers.

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