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I teach concepts, not worksheets or tests. We start from where your child already is then play with reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, writing, math sense, addition/multiplication facts, and more to build your child’s understanding of how school and the world works.

The best part? Your child will have the opportunity to LOVE learning.

I am Certified to teach grades PreK-6 and ESL. I have tutored many students using these methods, although I am new to They all showed a marked improvement in reading, math, and school readiness.

Holly tutored my son Nolan during the summer of 2016. Nolan was a little behind in knowing his letters,numbers and writing. Holly worked with Nolan with great professional skills. Her ability got him ahead in class. Nolan was a very busy boy had trouble sitting down for a few minutes. Holly is very patient and handled him very well. And showed me how to keep him alert and interested in his studies. I highly recommend Holly.


Sean White

It's thrilling to pass along the excitement of learning that I have from my own childhood. I love to see people succeed. When a child surprises themselves by what they can actually do, when they surprise their parents with their enthusiasm, it's thrilling. I love the look on their faces when they realize that learning CAN be fun. My students enjoy doing their homework and that's cool too!


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Frequently asked questions

The student, parents and I have a free consultation where I test the student's abilities in the tutoring subject. An example for reading tutoring is a test called Running Records. The student will read from a book while I note which words they read correctly, which words they had trouble with and why, reading fluency and comprehension. After that, I discuss with the student and the parents what goals we are looking to achieve and what motivates the student. 

I have a Teaching Degree and Certification in English as a Second Language (ESL) for Early Childhood through 6th grade. 

$30 an hour, which includes all materials such as games and toys. 

I was homeschooled from an early age on through high school. School was rarely boring. We enjoyed music so much we fought over the piano, needed no encouragement to read and did projects such as dipping celery stalks into dyed water to discover how the plant absorbs nutrients to building working machines from popsicle sticks and rubber bands. We enjoyed school. I wanted to pass along this wonderful experience to my own children, so I studied teaching in college, where I discovered that I enjoy teaching others in general. It's thrilling to pass along the excitement of my own childhood.

I have tutored children in preschool, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade as well as an adult studying elementary math. 

I am the leader of a silly sports group which meets each Saturday (Amtgard). There's this man there who felt very out of place, never part of the group, never wanted to do much other than take his anger out on others. I took him under my wing and showed him how a leader can help people not only have a good time, but also help their lives be better as a whole. He has been controlling his temper, helping out with the group and even decided to run for office as the next leader. It's been extremely satisfying to see him grow and come into his own within this past year.

Look for a tutor who fits you. Someone who you enjoy spending time with and like to learn from. If you have a good time with that person and still get a lot done, you'll look forward to your lessons and remember them better.

Can I do this on my own? Am I having trouble because of my feelings or because of the work? What is the specific problem? 

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