Systematic English Tutoring

Systematic English Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I teach people how to write in a simple, systematic way so they can put together essays quickly themselves and never need to hire me again. I have two college degrees and have been writing essays for most of my life; it's something I can do with great ease and alacrity and I want to pass on that skill set to my students.

I'm also a skilled creative writer who can help spice up/clean up any story, as well as help with writer's block.

I simply love teaching, showing people how to do something they originally thought was difficult, keeping it simple so it's no longer intimidating. I build my students' confidence and skill set so they no longer need me and can go off on their own with a unique skill.


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Offers online services

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I start with a solid foundation, explaining the broad strokes of my writing system, asking about the details of their current essay/writing project, then taking a look at their work or having them write a sample paragraph to get an idea of their skill level. From their I start from the basics and break down the process step by step, walking them through completing their project in a way they can recreate the results on their own.

I have a minor in writing and more school experience than 95% of the world. I've been writing creatively since adolescence and am currenly earning side money selling stories via a patreon. I've had numerous other experiences, but if there's one thing I know how to do, it's write.

40 dollars per hour and fifteen minute session. 

I learned I enjoyed teaching when I became a kickboxing instructor, which is still something I do part time. Figuring out I was a much better writer than a kickboxer, I started offering tutoring for college-level writing classes and have found great success.

Mostly adults and teenagers.

Find someone friendly and patient, who listens and works with you to teach you how to write, rather than just doing the work for you. Writing is a systematic process, particularly essay writing, so you want someone who understands that and can concisely break that system down for you in a way that's easy to follow. You want someone who can demystify writing for you, rather than just write and hope you catch on.

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