Dr. Nalini Ravindran

Dr. Nalini Ravindran

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Presidential Awardee

US cell no: +1 737 235 9716 [email protected]

Educational Qualification: B.Sc. (Chemistry), M.A.(English), M.Ed. , M.Phil (Edu.) , Ph.D (Edu.),


Thesis work in ELT (English Language Teaching):

• A comparative study of English Lang. skills taught at +2 level in the TamilNadu state board and the CBSE curricula.

• Intra language Interference Errors in English.

• Reading Comprehension Skills in Schools

• Teaching and Testing of Reading comprehension skills at +2 level.


• Training in Evaluation, Material Production and Teacher training (English) in the “College of St. Mark & St. John”, Plymouth, England – organised by the CBSE, HRD Ministry and the ODA, England through the British Council Division, India. - selected on merit and was on contract for five years and extended to a decade.

• Orientation Programmes organized by the CBSE on preparing Course Material, Evaluation and Teacher Training in skill-based teaching and testing of English through Communicative Approach in English.

• Training in the YLE Programme of the British Council Division of Chennai.

• Examiner for the YLE Programme of the British Council since 2002


• Training teachers in ELT, Pronunciation and Spoken English, Personality Development and Work ethics till date.

• Senior Principal and Academic Advisor in RMK Residential School, Chennai-2011-13

• Senior Principal of Alpha Wisdom Vidhyashram 2011

• Senior Academic Manager in Everon in 2011-for a few months only

• Founder Principal and Academic Advisor in Chennai Public School, Anna Nagar Chennai - 2008-2011

• Principal, National Public School, Chennai – 86 from 2000 to 2008

o Involved in launching the following activities successfully at National Public School –

▪NPS Panorama – School Newsletter.

▪‘Blossom 2K’ – a talent fete.

▪Pre-KG launched on ‘Vijayadasami Day’.

▪Educational field trips & tours for all the classes from LKG to class XII.

▪‘World Maths Day’ – organised through a seminar & paper presentation by students on the Topic ‘Millennium Math Quest’.

▪Workshop for Teachers of the Cluster schools [East] – Sahodaya - on “Communication skills in English”.

▪Social service programmes through the ‘Interact club’ of the school students (An amount of Rs.75000/- was raised and given for Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund besides helping destitutes in orphanage and the old age homes).

▪‘QUEST’ programme for adolescents sponsored by Lions International, for classes VIII & IX.

▪Computer Literacy to all the staff members through a training programme sponsored by INTEL.

▪Venue Director for different talent tests and competitive examinations like Australian Talent Test, NELT etc.

▪Exposure to and participation in Co-curricular activities by the students and the teachers - won laurels for the school.

• P.G.T. and subject supervisor in English in Padma Seshadri Senior Secondary School, Chennai – 600078 from 1/8/1980 to 5/6/2000

o Taught English from grade VI to XII for 20 years and mainly for CBSE Publix Exam grades for atleast 15 years. Taught Science in middle school, and Science practicals for high school for five years.

o A wide range of Training in grooming children in English language skills, Co-curricular activities, intra-school activities, school newsletter and Magazine, Essay and oratorical competitions, Annual day and sports day celebrations, as Co-curricular and General Assembly In-charge coordinator.

o Guided and groomed English teachers in teaching and testing activities through


• Involvement in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi activities -

o CBSE – ELT Team Member and Teacher Trainer since 1990 till date.

o Conducted more than 150 workshops all over India for Training Teachers in Teaching and Testing of English through skill based and Communicative approach.

o Master Trainer in English Core (classes XI and XII)

o Member of the ‘HELPLINE’ launched by the CBSE

o Subject Expert in the Committee of Courses in English in the CBSE

o Chief Examiner, Subject expert and Nodal Head examiner for English Course A (X) and Functional English (XII) and English Core (XII)

o Involved in paper setting for more than fifteen years for classes X and XII

Books authored:

o ‘Contributor’ for the books ‘Interact in English’ for classes IX & X of the CBSE.

o Engaged in drafting the material and curriculum for Functional English for classes XI and XII by the CBSE.

o Author of IMPACT series of English Books for classes VI to VIII (BI Publishers)

o Practice Books in English Language skills for Core and Functional English for classes XI and XII of the CBSE (Orient Longman Ltd)

o ’Learn and Write’series of cursive handwriting books, introducing pronunciation along with cursive writing. (Goodluck Publishers Ltd, Saharanpur and Delhi)

o Editor of ‘Conquer Your English’series of English textbooks -1 to 8. (Goodluck Publishers Ltd, Saharanpur and Delhi)

Presidential Award:

On September 5th,2002, received the Best Teacher award- National/ Presidential Award, awarded by the Human Resource Development Ministry, Government of India for the year 2001 from Hon’ble President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Languages Known: English, Tamil and Hindi

Other areas of Interest:

Evince keen interest in English language associated activities, Social service, Music, Dance, Nature, Aesthetics and Creative writing.


o Mr.G Balasubramanian

Director Academic (Retd),

CBSE, New Delhi

o Mrs.Hamsa Ramdos,

Principal ( Retd)Padma Seshadri Sr.Sec.school,Chennai- 600078.

Individualized attention to students in learning English after identifying the areas of weakness in fluency and/ or accuracy, language skills - Listening , Speaking, Reading and / or writing, through an entry behavior test is and tutoring according to the basic level of achievement the student is in. Can help achieve English language skills to school students of all grades and guide teachers through ELT WORKSHOPS in teaching and testing English language.As a recipient of the National Award for the Best Teacher from India , my passion is to make English learning and teaching easy and enjoyable. Was a Contributor /author of the books in Communicative Approach in English for classes 9 to 12 of the Central Board of Secondary Education,New Delhi . Have also done a series called ‘Learn and Write ‘ by Dr.Nalini Ravindran, published and brought out by GoodLuck Publishers

I have taught in primary school all subjects -English,Maths, Science and social studies and Tamil.I have home tutored children in these subjects for a few years. My more than 30 years of teaching English for students of primary, secondary , and high school upto grade XII ,THE THESES I did during the degree courses in Education on the school students acquisition of English language skills, fluency and accuracy, the analysis of their performance in school and National board exams in English ,have given a deep insight into the inadequacies in the language acquired by them. I really enjoy finding solutions to the problems they face in communication in English and help them master the language. It is a great intrinsic motivation for me.In a multi lingual country like India, pronunciation and spoken English are major pitfalls. I am happy that after my research studies I could bring out the simple and easy access to acquiring the phonetic sounds and the correct pronunciation of words through my series of books’Learn and Write’ which got the title changed in the present edition’Speak and Write’ after revision recently.


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    Meena A.

    Dr. Nalini Ravindran ma’am was my English teacher in high school and she instilled in me the love for the language. She motivated me and the class and always helped bring out the best in each of us. Her eloquent style and smooth instructional delivery helped me grasp, learn, understand and follow best practices in grammar, reading comprehension and writing. Her great teaching and guidance made many of the intricate poems and literature sections easily understandable. She would break it down and relate to contemporary happenings and unpack the lessons in an easy and student friendly manner. Till date, I remember sections like The highway man, Ozymadias, Locomotive-79 and many more, all because of Ma’am’s best teaching and passion for the language. Nalini Ma’am is the best teacher and with her guidance and help one can master the nuances of the subject. I am super thankful for all the things she had taught us. Her positive energy and motivation has inspired me and many many students to do well in the subject. Thank you ma’am, for all the guidance, teaching and inspiration!
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    August 20, 2021

    V K.

    First of all let me introduce myself as Suresh Kumar who is an alumni of PSBB KK Nagar Chennai. I studied there upto 1985 (10th grade) and Mrs (Dr) Nalini Ravindran was as well my English teacher cum Class teacher through grades 7 to 10, continuously. Mrs Nalini Ravindran has deep passion towards teaching students and also has a noble mind to bring up mediocre, under performing students to understand and have affinity to learn English as an academic subject. I was not well versed a student until my 6th grade at school, in English. Its a clear demarcation, improvement in myself, after she started tutoring English. The English Prose and poetry which seemed to me as Greek and Latin, became my cup of tea and started a deep interest of learning and admiring poetry and lessons. All the credit goes to my English Teacher, Mrs (Dr) Nalini Ravindran. Making a student like me to catch with English Grammar, understanding poetry, prose was not such an easy task, but she took keen interest, initiatives in each one of us while teaching English. I could improve grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, reading skills, poetry, preparing for public exams, spoken English, pronunciation to such a greater level that my fluency and communications have been my lifeline, in all my 33 years of work, until now. The loving nature, never scolding, punishing nature of my revered teacher along with the knowledge shared has made me a man so deeply passionate about English. So much that I have my personal blog where I publish my own English poems, articles.
    A big thanks to Mrs(Dr) Nalini Ravindran for having shaped my career, my personality, my English communication skills, and embedding human values, culture and ethics in me.
    V Suresh Kumar, IBM, Business Programs Manager, Bangalore, INDIA
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    August 18, 2021

    Rajani T.

    Dr. Nalini Ravindran is a fantastic teacher with over 40 years experience in teaching. I cherish her English grammar , writing and poetry lessons till date. I have had the privilege of being her student through my middle school and high school years and have learnt and benefitted immensely from her classes! She is an expert in all the different facets of the English Language, a master teacher trainer, recipient of several awards of excellence in teaching and an author of highly acclaimed books used in several schools for teaching students.
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    August 18, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    First an online interaction with the parent and student to know their requirement,then a diagnostic test  followed by discussion and  the material for tutoring 

     Am a B.Sc (Chemistry),M.A (English), B.Ed,M.Ed,MPhil, Ph. D in Education. I can teach English all skills and areas from primary school upto college and train students for  competitive and entrance examinations. Can tutor and train primary school students in all subjects and prepare them for tests to perform very well. Besides the training in teaching during the bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education , I specialized in teaching English at the CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES ,now Called EFLU- ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES UNIVERSITY IN HYDERABAD,INDIA.I was selected by the  Human Resource Development Ministry of India and trained in Communicative approach in English in England from Jan- April 1990. The project called CBSE ELT PROJECT, was sponsored by the OVERSEAS AUTHORITY OF ENGLAND,  a joint venture of BRITISHCOUNCIL DIVISION OF INDIA AND THE CBSE- CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, NEWDELHI.After the training, our team brought out the text books for grades IX and X in Communicative Approach- a radical change from the content based approach in learning English, a roaring success of a project in English in CBSE schools all over India.Then the project was carried over to classes XI andXIImalso. Was involved at all the three levels of material production, Training and Orientation of English teachers all over India in Communicative Approach,and setting question papers for the Board examinations.was Master trainer in workshops for English teachers and Principals in more than hundred and fifty workshops in India . Simultaneously authored books in Communicative Approach for classes Six- Eight and a series’ Learn and Write’ books level 0- 8 for beginners who wants to learn to pronounce and write and Communicate in English correctly and clearly .I can call the series my brain child! It is well received in schools in India,normally used in English medium school from kindergarten to class Eight.I am training teachers in English language skills till date. I feel my Doctorate in Education,in the University of Madras,wherein my focus in theses was Aquisition of English language skills in schools in India, coupled with my teaching English in schools for about 38 years and the ELT training under the British professors in England and in India, have created apassion ,may be an obsession for teaching and learning more of the great language. 

    As my motto is service and to keep in touch with my fields of learning especially English,Science and Maths,I wish to charge $15 per hour and would like to take  40 minutes classes for school students in keeping with their concentration span, so for them each class fee is $10 only. Still if high school adults and college students can request for an hour’s class for training  etc for $15.  If tutors.com has any suggestion, I welcome it.

    I  owe it to my dad,an eminent teacher and Best teacher AWARDEE S. RAMANUJAM,an excellent teacher in English and Mathematics.I love teaching .started in 1980 in full swing as Science and English teacher in the well known PSBB Senior Sec. School, Chennai for 20 years, then became an Administrator- Principal,SR. Principal, Academic Advisor, Founder Principal etc. Alongside I did authoring books and doing teacher training.Now that I am mostly in USA, I wish to pursue my passion.

    School students of all ages and teachers and educational administrators.I have taught students and people from India and those of Indian origin mostly.

    I enjoy learning the difference in American English from my grand children and the web.

    Let’s give a shot. I believe in understanding and not advising. We all love our free will, don’t we?

    Students should interact casually and see if they like to learn and if the wave length works.

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