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Offers online services


Due to my young age, I am able to relate to kids and teenagers much better and can explain difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner. When learning is enjoyable, students tend to be more motivated and thus are more receptive of incoming knowledge. My past experiences have molded me into a fun, empathetic, qualifed mentor.

I have been teaching middle school and highschool students for nearly six years now. I love the feeling I get when I'm able to cause even a slight increase of understanding or a change in perception. And now with online tutoring I can help people even further away whenever they need it. When I teach, I learn more about myself and my ability to relate to others.


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Sue H.

I was skeptical about online tutoring, but he connects with my high school son. Weve seen improvement after just a few sessions.
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September 30, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

I usually try to get to know them a bit. Make some jokes, have a bit of fun conversation and then dive into whatever they're having issues with. 

Graduated highschool in May 2018 at 16 years old. 4 years of SAT/ACT prep study. 3 years of teaching middle school and highschool math. Editing essays for the past three years. Now finishing junior year of college. 

Many years ago a classmate of mine asked me for help on his math homework. I spent an hour and a half explaining it to him and going through all the concepts he was having trouble with. He noticed I had a talent for teaching and praised my ability to explain the subject clearly. From then on, I began teaching anyone that wanted or needed my help as it was not only fun for me but also helpful for others. 

I have taught many types of students from people who struggle with severe ADHD, disabled kids, teenagers with anger issues, gifted & talented kids, among others. 

How much do you want to be taught anew? How much do you want to figure out for yourself? Is this want you want to be working on? Do you want to go ahead or revisit previous material? How would I be able to help you to the best of my ability as quickly and efficiently as possible? 

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