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Tyler Collins Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I have a strict grace-based approach! I love getting to celebrate with you so we can both say that we made it happen together! Learning does not work by just one person doing all the work. We will make mistakes, but when we work together, we learn together.


I like to break work apart into manageable chunks and I make sure we are truly confident in our work before we move on too quickly. Speed is not the name of the game (Unless we're working on Words Read Per Minute, then that's a whole other situation.) I prefer to have fun while I learn and teach because I believe we can learn more when we choose to enjoy it.

Also, due to confidentiality laws, I do not post any photos of me with my students, so you will not find any "action" photos of me teaching. I hope you understand and respect that. =)


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Offers online services

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Elementary school


Economics, History, Social studies

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  • This man taught me everything I know

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    Frequently asked questions

    I always start with knowing what the overall goal is for each student. "What are we trying to learn? What skill are we trying to build?" From there, the real lesson is how we establish our plan. What tools are working for us and what tools are working against us as we make our way to our goals? If something isn't working, I like to adapt it so that it can work for us. We always work together.

    I have been in special education for 8 years. I have been a state-licensed Special Education Teacher for 6 years. I have an Early Childhood-6th grade CORE Subjects certification, an Early Childhood-12th grade Special Education certification, and an English as a Second Language certification.

    I charge $75 for a 30 minute session and $150 for an hour session.

    I started in teaching actually as a paraprofessional in a Special Education Behavior classroom. I learned from my teacher how to modify curriculum, accommodate for various learning disabilities, and remain positive and encouraging throughout the entire process of learning with those who struggle to learn. I eventually became the teacher of my own Special Education Behavior classroom where I taught all CORE Subjects (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, plus Social Skills as well as Related Arts) to students K-5th grade. 
    My entire background in education is seeing the current curriculum and dismantling it so it can be understood by anyone who is struggling with it. 

    I have worked with students who have a wide range of challenges and learning disabilities when it comes to school work. My entire goal each and every day was to take the curriculum and make it easier to understand while maintaining rigorous, achievable expectations for my students.

    I will be teaching in Williamson County Schools this year and I am very fond of all the hard work that I put in to get here. This district is highly revered and it was a rigorous process to get accepted. My accomplishments and work ethic spoke for themselves and I am immensely proud of that.

    Hire a teacher that you believe you connect well with. I firmly believe that it is far more challenging to learn from someone that you don't trust than someone that you do trust, and trust has to be built by both people. YOU get to choose who you hire in this process. If you don't connect with the teacher, then hire one that you do connect with. Don't settle just for anyone. Take your learning seriously and you will not go wrong with who you choose to help you here. 

    Learning should always be a safe process that requires honesty and communication in order for it to be successful. Failure is also a big part of learning because when we fail, we learn what does not work. When students make mistakes and are struggling to come to the right answer, when they fail, they should let their teacher know. We should not fear failure, but on the contrary, we should welcome it as a possibility that can be a tool for our growth and understanding. Students should not be afraid to make mistakes. 

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