Shelby's Homework Help!

Shelby's Homework Help!

Offers online services
Offers online services


Since every student is unique, every student requires a unique approach to learning - which I provide. Together, the student and I will master the material in the least stessful way possible. The student will feel confident and proud of the work that they present to their teachers!

When I was young, I never thought I would be good at math and that I would never be able to do something in the science field because of it. I went to tutors and teachers and nothing seemed to help until I learned that problem solving and strategy seemed to be the common thread across all the subjects I was doing well in. Years later, I have mastered this skill and, as a student, I use it every day. Classes and homework do not have hard when you can make it easy.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

The student (and parents) and I will work together to set realistic and achievable goals for whatever subject(s) the student needs! Once we assess where the student is currently at with the goals that the student wants to achieve, we can devise a plan to get where we want to go with as little stress and as much fun as possible!

Currently, I am in Pharmacy school! I was never the best at math and I would always get frustrated when trying to think through problems. I never seemed to get the help that I needed until one day, I learned how to tackle even the most difficult of math problems by breaking it down into solvable pieces. I use this strategy in almost every subject, as it can be applied in many ways. I have picked up a few tricks along the way on how to problem solve and I want to share them! In addition to math, I love biology, chemistry, physics, and english/writing and have taken several college and high school classes. (including AP classes)

A one-hour session with me is $40. 

A half-hour session with me is $20. 

This pricing is for all subjects and all grade levels. I require payment up-front. All my sessions will be online until further notice. 

If you cannot make a session or if time just isn't on our side, there aren't any change fees and if you already paid before the lesson and don't plan on rescheduling, I am more than happy to refund payment. If you do plan to reschedule, payment will be credited toward the next session!

I originally started teaching swim lessons! I loved to swim and it was a really easy job when I first began working. I was able to teach kids of all ages from 18mo olds to adults. I enjoy seeing people reach their goals and seeing the "lightbulb" moments. I also love to learn from my students!

I have worked with students of all ages in many subjects from age 5 through high school and college students, as well as students with various learning styles and abilities. 

The best students have a willingness to learn and succeed. Bonus for a good attitude, but school is definately not always the most fun, so negative attitudes are anticipated from time to time. 

Students should always try to narrow down what they don't understand before seeing their teacher to ask questions. I know that it can be frustrating to sit down and digest the material to begin with, but it is important so that both the student and the teacher make the most of their time together. If there is overall general confusion over the material, that is also perfectly okay but should be communicated to the teacher upfront. 

Students should also be honest with themselves and their teachers when they are asking teachers about thier needs. It's okay to ask for help and additional instruction as teachers are there to teach and help!

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