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Doug Teaches Things

Offers online services
Offers online services


I'm a computational linguistics student at Mississippi State University. I'm old enough to know what I'm talking about when it comes to teaching, but young enough to not be out of touch with how children think and what teaching methods are effective on an individual basis. I'll tutor any kid, teen, or university student who needs it. For high school students, I made a 34 on the ACT my junior year and I'd be more than happy to teach you how to do the same.

I like knowing I can make a difference in other people's lives. As a computational linguist, I look forward to a career in AI research and potentially in teaching. As a tutor, I look forward to providing students with learning opportunities that I wish I could've had when I was younger.


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Offers online services

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There's no such thing as an unintelligent child. The biggest issue I've had with our modern education system is that it's all too easy for students to miss out on critical information early on, and end up having their education in that subject permanently stunted. As a tutor, my 3-step process towards self-imposed obsolescence is to build rapport with the student, isolate whatever elementary issues the student is having with a subject, and finally to resolve the issues.

I am currently enrolled at Mississippi State University. As a computer science and linguistics student, I have a complex understanding of the maths and sciences, as well as a complex understanding of human language and how it intersects with the maths and sciences.

My first few lessons will always be free, and pricing for subsequent lessons are negotiable by the parent, guardian or student (whichever or whoever else is paying for the lessons).

I've been a peer tutor throughout my education, and creating my profile on this website is my first time trying to capitalize on education. As of typing this, I'm also working on creating an educational YouTube channel, which itself is another attempt at achieving self-imposed obsolescence as a tutor.

I've been peer tutoring all my life, I've tutored and still do tutor my 4 younger siblings, and I've tutored my mother's students in grades 4-6. I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and have outgrown most of my symptoms since my childhood, thus I have a unique insight into how children with the same and similar diagnoses think.

Look for teachers and tutors who treat their job as an opportunity to help and inspire others and not as a paycheck. No one learns anything from a teacher who might as well be a McGraw Hill audiobook, but you'll learn so much more than how to write an essay from an English teacher who really loves his or her job.

Think about the root causes of your problems. People these days are too quick to see a problem and treat it immediately, without consideration for whether the problem is itself symptomatic of other issues. Taking cough syrup won't cure you of covid-19, and memorizing an equation won't help you if you have no idea how or when to use it.

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