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About (t2t) is nationally recognized, award-winning educator Dana Lawrence Gillis and associates. We provide individualized academic support and enrichment, with a focus on personal learning strategies, to empower preK-12 students to become their best selves, inside the classroom and out.

To help students learn and grow, we:

Present new strategies to increase student understanding
Connect to school curriculum
Understand and acknowledge personal learning styles
Use quality materials to meet current educational standards
Guide students to become independent learners
Engage students in meaningful learning activities

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My favorite teacher-student connections include that light bulb moment when a student really starts to get it, and the immediate growth that takes place when a student becomes aware of his or her own learning potential. By helping students figure out how they learn best and giving them a toolbox full of learing strategies, academic confidence and accomplishments can be more than doubled! At school or home, students often may not have the opportunity to learn what does and doesn't work best for them in their own study practices. The best part about my 1:1 work with students is helping them realize what they're truly capable of, not just in their school work, but in their self-expression and life in general.

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• Master's Degree in Elementary Education, Northwestern University, Class of 2001

• Education Minor at Colorado College, Class of 1998 cum laude, BA French Literature and Civilization

• Elementary School Classroom Teacher, Chicago Public Schools, 2001-2007

• Elementary School Classroom Teacher, North Shore School District 112, 2007-2013

• Private Tutor, 1:1 and small group,, 2013-present


Elementary School Rates (PreK-5th): $95/hr

Middle School Rates (6-8th): $100/hr

High School Rates (9-12th): $105/hr

  • Dana is an unbelievable tutor and support. She's so attentive, creative and mindful of my son's learning challenges. I would highly recommend her. The sessions are filled with educational games, tools and instruction. My son has been seeing Dana for a few years, through the summers too. She's excellent.

  • Provides experience tutoring with immediate positive results. There is also great feedback from each session to keep parents in the loop.

  • Mrs. Gillis is incredibly effective in understanding the best way to engage individual students. Her competence in helping them develop skills is amazing, and the kids love her! I have also found her to be an invaluable guide in our efforts to navigate the confusion of our public education system.

  • Knowledge and experience helped my daughter to get missing parts very quickly. I appreciate their support. Thank you

  • Wow! Where do I begin? My Daughter tested into a Selective Enrollment public school in Chicago. After year one, we found that she was behind her peers in reading comprehension amongst other things. With the realization that we might have to move schools, we worked weekly with Ms. Dana. She is a gift! Not only did she make sure my Daughter was competent in all her required material, she elevated her to a new level! All while making learning a fun and enjoyable atmosphere! We live on the Northwest side of Chicago, but wouldn’t hesitate For A Second, to visit with Ms. Dana and T2T again for any future issue. T2T is truly a hidden Jem for children who want/need to learn.

  • Dana is amazing. My daughter was struggling with math, Dana has built on her strengths. Dana takes time to help her break everything down, shows her how much she does know and builds her confidence. My daughter leaves each session feeling like a genius. Now both of my daughters go because Dana is just so cool. Thanks to Dana, my daughters perform very well in school.

  • Learning was fun and Dana took her time to explain things to help me understand. She also wasn't afraid to challenge me!

  • Dana Gillis is fantastic. Not only is she a great tutor that knows how to work with and adapt to different learning styles, she also is sweet and makes learning fun. My daughter has developed a good relationship with Dana and enjoys working with her. I recommend her highly and happy to discuss off-line with any parent who may be interested.

  • Dana is amazing! She makes learning fun for my son. We have seen great improvements in his writing and ability to organize his thoughts this year. My son arrives and leaves each session happy! Thank you Dana!

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