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Offers online services


I tutor math and physics at all levels. I first earned a B.Sc. degree in Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering (ECSE) at RPI and went to work in industry. That proved to be rather boring so I went back to school at USU and earned two M.Sc. degrees in Physics and Mathematics. I have taught at a number of universities as an invited or adjunct professor and also at a couple international high school.


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Offers online services

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Contact me for a free consultation of unlimited duration to discuss your goals and needs. This is not free help or a demo lesson, it is a chance to meet and discuss the possibilities, options and logistics so you can make a well informed decision.

I have a B.Sc. in Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering (ECSE) from RPI and two M.Sc. degrees in Physics and Math from USU. I have worked for a few companies including IBM, Intel and Thiokol (rocket motors). I have also taught for a number of universities from the pre-college level to the graduate level, as well as a few international schools.

My standard rate is $40/hour but there can be exceptions once in a while either up or down depending on the difficulty of the material and how many sessions are booked and paid in advance.

I see people with similar or lower qualifications charging 2-3 times this much so I feel this is a fair rate. I also see students not even finished their own degree charging more and I'm not sure why somebody would hire a student when a professor is lower cost.

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