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I love math and my enthusiasm is contagious. After only one session, a student who hasknown only suffering in the face of math, finds hope when I teach them to square 99 in their head!

When I'm with the more mathematically precocious, they are left with the confidence that they can not only matriculate to AP Calc BC but flourish to writing a 5's in both! Because they do.

I taught all levels of middle and high school math during my several years as a teacher. I taught the Calc, Physics, and Robotics at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. After leaving as a classroom teacher in 2012, it wasn't long before I returned almost full time to a classroom of one. My proudest work was taking an at risk youth who struggled in school from an early age from an asvab score of 11 to a 31. No charge for aspiring vets. A close second to that, would have to be my student Michael who failed Calc 1 four times, with other tutors, passed with a B+ when I intervened on try number five! I'm proud of the work I do and I get results.

For nearly a decade, I've taught more than one hundred students. From middle school basic algebra to all the requisite engineering and hard science math. Differential equations, Linear algebra, Calc 3, a great deal of Calc 2 with a plurality of Lehigh students in Calc 2, (their answer keys tend to be a bit terse so I annotate the solution keys for them when we go over practice exams.) A good and scholarly department but not terribly accessible at those prices. Over the years I've worked with students from all the local Universities and Colleges from Lehigh down to Temple.

I am taking my second Actuarial exam in Financial mathematics. I love all things probability and the Data Science which is being folded into the actuarial science curriculum and testing series is very exciting. I enjoy the enrichment above all else, and will be entertaing interviews after a few more exams. Very practical. Interesting profession.

What separates me from others math teachers/tutors is my work in industry, and my coarse work in physics and the direct application of thermodynamics, efficiencies, rewinding a generator from 60HZ in the US to 50HZ in Europe. I am compelled to lead with real world examples during my sessions.

I frequent Lehigh University and other area schools to help students with all of their Engineering/Science math requirements. These include, Calc I,II,III, LInear Algebra, and Differential equations. Business Calc and Statistics is also a frequent topic I teach.

My last classroom teaching assignment was at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove (Miami) Florida. Search it on Google images. A beautiful place to teach and visit. It has a rich and interesting history. In addition to teaching math and science at Carrollton I was the 9th grade vex robotics coach and helped qualify five teams for the world Vex Robotics competition in Orlando in 2011.

Carrollton is known nationwide for its debate program, and almost as well for its Robotics program. Check out and watch the trailer. It is a documentary about Carrollton girls take on the neighboring Ransom Everglades' robotics all boys team. It's pretty great!

I love helping people. I especially love SAT and ACT math problems. They are like brain teasers and I make them fun. In general, I just love doing and explaining math.

Tutoring is the BEST parts of teaching! It is free of classroom management issues, formal lesson planning, correcting tests, three hour professional development sessions on how to write an objective statement. It is a reduction of only the most important aspects of teaching, conveying the material in countless ways until it is understood by your student, followed by problem solving and refinement until mastery is achieved.

Classroom teaching was a delight, but I have been able to teach every math I ever wanted to teach tutoring these past ten years.


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Christopher P.

Chris has been an absolute godsend for our son Joshua. He has given Joshua the boost in his confidence that he so desperately needed this year. But it was more than just working with our son to make sure he understood the content. Chris is beyond enthusiastic to be helping our son. He is prepared and committed to Joshuas success and insures that Joshua gets regular positive feedback from him. He was exactly what we needed. Chris comes to our house and spends as much time as needed. We are not held to a timed session. When he and Joshua feel they are at a good point, then the session is over.
Chris not only helps Joshua out in Calculus but he has become an advisor. He has vast experience and a great friend network that he has shared with Joshua as he begins exploring colleges. These connections will be vital to Joshuas decisions in the future.
I cant believe that I was lucky enough to find Chris on I will always be indebted to him for the difference he has made in our sons outlook this year.
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April 10, 2021

Michael P.

Chris is a great guy, and an even better tutor. I’ve never had a tutor who was even in the same league as Chris when it comes to Teaching ability, communication skills, and mastery of mathematical subject matter.
When I first enlisted Chris I had failed Calculus 1 four times and he helped me at the very end and I still failed but I started to understand what was going on. Brady I passed Calc 1 for the first time that summer one he could prepare and I got a B. Next he helped me with Calc 2 and I did so well I didn’t even need to take the final exam to pass the class and got a B! Next I passed Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations with his help during a global Pandemic! Chris is not perfect by any means, but he is the best. This was done at Penn State University by the way and was not easy but Chris made it possible and I will always be incredibly grateful for his hard work and determination. This guy is doing this for more than just the money, and derives real joy from helping other people learn and better themselves.
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April 08, 2021


Chris is a GREAT tutor. I hired him to help my son pass Business Calculus. Chris helped him understand several Calculus assignments and prepare for the final. I would highly recommend Chris Hayes.
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June 28, 2019
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June 25, 2019
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Daniel M.

I reached out to Chris for Calc II help halfway through my semester after failing my first test. After working with Chris for a month prior to the second test, I managed to make an A-! Highly recommend Chris for math help, he is very knowledgeable and able to breakdown complex topics into a more understandable form.
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December 06, 2018
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Marybeth T.

Chris is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I would absolutely recommend him to any student!
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November 06, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I have a few questions I ask during my initial consultation with students taking college level math ranging from "Square 99 in your head?" or "What is e raised to the natural log of x?"  I will sometimes write down the definition of a derivative and see if they can run a basic funtion through it.  Calculus is 95% algebra and 5% limit.  Despite ability, most errors students make in this subject are due to deficiencies in or erodedor forgotten algebra skills.  I will write down the standard form of a quadratic equation and have them solve for x yielding the quadratic formula.  This is one exercise that is a great review of much of the necessary algebra you need for success in college level math, or algebra based physics.

I was a math and physics major, I taught for many years and retired from teaching a few years ago.  My next adventure is actuarial science and I have passed two exams so I am very familiar with applied mathematics.  I passed the praxis II math exam in pennsylvania as well as the florida equivalent.

If you are within a twenty mile radius I charge $25/hr.  If the student requires a little more time, I don't look at the clock.

Tutoring my peers in college.

Those who struggle and those who are gifted in the subject.

I worked with a student taking an online algebra course for his summer schooling.  He was a delightful student.

Call them on the phone, aprise them of your current topic and tell them about your struggles.  Before I meet with students I ask them to bring me up to speed with where they are with the material and I give them immediate feedback on how they should approach the topic until we meet or they secure another tutor.  I also offer a free consultation especially for students who seem trepidatious about seeking help and are panicked about math in general.

Ask them why we multiply by the reciprocal when dividing fractions.  This will give you a feel of their content knowledge and the ability to explain arcane and left field concepts.

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