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Chemistry Tutoring Position

My academic background, instructional abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and work ethic make me an ideal candidate for the Chemistry tutoring position. With over 26 years of progressive teaching experience, my teaching style is direct and decisive yet adaptable to meet student's ever-changing demands and individual needs.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of teaching Chemistry to a diverse group of students. My approach involves creating an exciting and engaging learning environment through carefully planned laboratory experiments, real-world connections, inquiry-based learning, and curriculum-aligned performance assessments. By employing various assessment methods, I ensure that students grasp science concepts effectively within an integrated science framework.

One of my greatest strengths lies in recognizing and addressing the unique needs of each student. I am dedicated to researching and incorporating effective teaching methods that empower students to take ownership of their learning experience. This leads to better retention of information and boosts their confidence in their academic abilities.

Furthermore, I hold certifications in teaching IB and AP Chemistry, enabling me to prepare students for the corresponding exams proficiently. I am well-versed in providing guidance for the IB Chemistry Internal Investigation Assessment (IA), a crucial part of the IB Chemistry score. Whether it's tutoring throughout the school year or focusing solely on AP and IB Chemistry exam preparation, I am well-equipped to support students in achieving their academic goals.

Thank you for considering me. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute my expertise and passion for teaching Chemistry to your student's success.


Entela Ndrecka


Chemistry, AP & IB Chemistry


• Master of Education in The Science of Teaching Learning and Curriculum - Drexel University - 2012

• Teaching Certification Program/Chemistry & Physical Science – Drexel University - 2010

• Bachelor of Natural Science in Chemistry and Biology - 1996 Europe

Relevant Courses

• Teaching AP Chemistry, La Sale University - July 2013

• Teaching AP Chemistry, Philadelphia School District – August 2015

• Teaching IB Chemistry, The Florida Association of IB World Schools – June 2017, Washington DC - December 2022.

Teaching Experience

• High School Chemistry Teacher - Philadelphia School District

January 2009-To Present

• High School Chemistry Teacher – Europe 1996 – 2004

Honors and Awards

• Nominated for The Fishman Price 2014

• Lindback Distinguished Teacher Award recipient 2015

• Nominated for The Lindback Distinguished Teacher Award 2022

As I contemplate my beliefs about teaching and learning, I am guided by the overarching goals of my subject area: to instill in my students a profound appreciation for Chemistry and its wonders, all while providing enjoyable and engaging laboratory experiences. Equally important is nurturing a positive attitude towards science and learning as a whole, which I hope my students will carry with them beyond my classroom.

To achieve these objectives, I place great emphasis on creating an inviting and comfortable environment for my students. I want their initial steps into the realm of Chemistry to be an exciting and enriching journey. I strive to establish a sense of safety and encouragement where students feel empowered and confident to ask questions, share their thoughts, and actively participate in the learning process.

For me, every moment is a learning opportunity, regardless of whether a student provides a correct or incorrect answer. I believe in fostering a growth mindset and encouraging my students to view mistakes as stepping stones toward improvement and deeper understanding. I aim to fuel their curiosity and make learning a collective, dynamic experience by promoting collaboration and idea-sharing.

I firmly believe that students thrive best when actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Thus, I design my lessons to be interactive and thought-provoking, encouraging students to think critically, analyze, and explore scientific concepts hands-on. By immersing themselves in the subject matter, they can better grasp its intricacies and relevance to the world around them.

In summary, my passion for teaching Chemistry is driven by my desire to unveil the beauty of science to my students and cultivate a positive and inquisitive mindset that will benefit them far beyond the confines of my classroom. I am committed to nurturing their growth, curiosity, and confidence as they embark on this exciting educational journey.


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Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner



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    angela A.

    Going into AP Chemistry was one of the smoothest transitions I have ever experienced, thanks to Mrs. Ndrecka. She was my Honors/IB Year 1 Chemistry teacher with a very unique teaching method. Before moving on to the next slide, she ensures that we all can keep up with her pace. She offers one-on-one sessions and even sacrifices the little free time she has to substantiate our understanding. Even in AP Chemistry, I consistently found myself receiving help from Mrs. Ndrecka, and she even managed to help me achieve the highest grade on an Equilibrium Unit Test within less than an hour, despite my struggles with the topic. Without her, I wouldnt have been able to pass the AP Chemistry exam with such a high score. She has given me the strength and determination to tackle college next year, as I plan on majoring in Biochemistry at a college with high standing.
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    February 16, 2024


    sandy L.

    Mrs. Ndrecka is an amazing teacher. She teach with passion and really cares about students. Every time when there is a hard question or topic, she would give an example that explains in another point of view. She is really detailed with her work and extremely patient when I needed help. Her teaching style really prepared me for the future. Since she is both AP and IB certified, which makes the course the best especially when it comes to prepare for any higher level class. Due to her help I can always confidently say that any Chemistry at any level is not hard to accomplish. With her help, I was able to work much more efficiently in interns such as research labs. I recommend her with my full heart and I’m so glad to have her.
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    July 17, 2023


    Kristina P.

    I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Ndrecka as my IB Chemistry teacher and I feel confident in saying that she is one of the most dedicated and passionate educators that I have come across with in my academic journey. She always tried to approach the lecture in a way that suited the student’s needs, regardless of the extra work that it required of her, and made sure that each student had the necessary resources to master the course content. Additionally, she was always willing to help out with any questions or concerns and went above and beyond for each of her students. As I head to Harvard College this fall, I can attest that her teaching style and dedication have made me feel more confident about higher level chemistry courses. If you are looking for a tutor who will put in her best effort to help you out and deliver an exceptional teaching experience, Mrs. Ndrecka is the one.
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    August 17, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a student for the first time, the most crucial aspect of the entire process is building a rapport with the learner. At this point, I would like to instill confidence in them before any tutoring begins. Nevertheless, before scheduling a lesson, I usually meet with the student and parent(s). We work hand in hand to build their specialized plan of action. The student and the parents create a detailed description of their current situation and their desired results. Next, we come up with a set of goals and implement the plan of action appropriately to accomplish the objective. 

    Master of Education in The Science of Teaching Learning and Curriculum Drexel University, Philadelphia, Teaching Certification Program/Chemistry Bachelor of Natural Science in Chemistry and Biology, University of Tirana, Tirana Albania/Europe.
    The pricing depends on the program taught: Regular chemistry, AP & IB Chemistry, and Test Prep IB/AP Chemistry, which can vary from 75-100$ Regular Chemistry $75 AP, IB $100 AP and IB Chemistry Practice Exams $100
    It was no question that I wanted to teach chemistry, so I started teaching after graduating from college. I have since taught different levels and different programs of High School Chemistry. Now I teach IB Chemistry HL (High Level) Year one and two, as well as Honors/Pre-AP Chemistry.
    Over the years, I have been working with different student levels. I would say that every group has its own challenges and pridefulness. I take pride in students who have many gaps and work hard to close those gaps one step at a time, as I do for students who aim to graduate from Harvard or MIT with a degree in the medical field or chemical engineering.
    As a high school teacher for 26 years, I am fond of many things, but the top one would be that I can make a difference with visible results. Teachers have the power to inspire students to aim for greatness, which is the most rewarding aspect of this profession.
    The first piece of advice I would give is to request a meeting via zoom or phone call. Try to look for a connection with the teacher. Do not be shy to express your areas of need and what learning method works best for you. The second piece of advice would be the price. Do not shy away from discussing the lesson price with the teacher. People must understand that much preparation goes into teaching one or thirty students at a time. However, there is something people have to understand a good teacher does not teach or tutor just for the money but also to be able to make that visible difference in someone else's education. Talk to the teacher about what you can afford, but remember that teachers work hard, and it has to be worth their time.
    How many years have they been teaching? What is the level of students taught, and how do they plan on helping you overcome your difficulties with the subject?

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